Want To Know How To Breakthrough With Your Faith To Be Fierce?

Hello, dear friends! I’m excited about today’s post. One of my Compel sisters, Shannon asked me a few weeks ago to write a post about what my fierce woman angle is for her blog series “Fierce Woman.” I am honored because Shannon is such a passionate woman on what she writes about on her blog. She’s raw, honest and her heart for her Savior is evident. I hope to write like she does someday!


Want To Know How To Breakthrough With Your Faith To Be Fierce?

When I say “fierce” what are your thoughts? Beyoncé, America’s Next Top Model, or Tyra Banks?

What is the definition of fierce?

Want to Know How to Breakthrough with Your Faith to be Fierce? What does it mean to be fierce?Am I looking though, through the eyes of culture instead of what God says in the Bible?


According to Urban Dictionary, fierce can be related to fashion or confidence.

Those heels with that dress are fierce!

Your confidence is fierce!

When Beyoncé gets on the stage, many will say she is fierce. Is it her confidence in her slender figure? Her ability to sing? Or is it the amount of money she has?

Therefore, what makes someone fierce?

As a mother to five kids, I definitely don’t feel strong. My body shows the effect of five pregnancies. Things have shifted south and many days I try to find something to make me look slimmer or put together.

As a result, I honestly feel like I’m winging it most days in regards to parenting and this thing called life.

Confidence seems to have left me years ago.Therefore, I would consider myself the polar opposite of fierce.

Am I looking though, through the eyes of culture instead of what God says in the Bible?

Fierce Woman Who Had a Breakthrough Faith

About a year ago, I started following a Christian woman on Facebook that was diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer. She was diagnosed during pregnancy, so she waited until the baby was born to start treatments.

Surgery didn’t work. Chemotherapy didn’t affect this particular cancer.  Chemo had huge effects on her body. She became gaunt. Sickly-looking. Fragile. Her clothes just hung on her and her bandana covered up her bald head.

She chronicled her journey through becoming a first-time mom while battling cancer. Her posts to Facebook were never about the tough break she had, or how angry she was about her circumstance. She wrote about how God had blessed her, her faith and her excitement about becoming a new mom.

Would I surprise you to write that I think this woman was fierce?

In the sadness of this situation, a bold, confident woman was at center stage. She wasn’t flashing her money or her slender figure.

This woman was flashing the God that kept her in the palm of his hand.

In her loose, baggy clothes she had the confidence of knowing where her journey would end. The bandana was amazingly beautiful because even without the hair, God knew her so intimately.

She was eye-catching and alluring because most of us in this situation would crumble into ourselves.

A beauty radiated from her.

To read the rest of the post, follow me to Shannon’s blog!


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  1. I love this, Julie! Rahab means fierceness?!?! What could be more incredible? She is the epitome of fierceness! I have always enjoyed her story. Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth. I have chosen your post for my feature this week. Please stop by on Friday to get your “I was featured” button.

  2. Julie, I left this comment on Shannon’s blog where you wrote, but I just have to leave it here also.

    Oh my goodness, I felt my self cheering “AMEN” through every powerful declaration of truth here!!! I think all of us women need constant reminding of how awesomely secure we are within the fierce love of God and how his fierce protection of us should propel us toward brave living. So blessed by this today and grateful you shared on Fresh Market Friday:) Crystal~

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