How God Blesses When We Step Out in Faith


Today I am sharing a post over at Dana’s blog. The series is about stepping out in faith. It sounds so easy to do, but the initial step is terrifying. When you’re ready to do this stepping out, all of a sudden you show up on Satan’s target list. When we aren’t using your faith for the things God wants you to do, Satan will harass you. Step out to help others in God’s name and it becomes a new battlefield.

How God Blesses When We Step Out in Faith


Have you ever gone through a period in life that was really trying? Didn’t you think you’d make it out?

I’m not talking about ending your life, but rather it affected you so much, you thought all that would remain was a skeleton of your former self.

I had been through a season like that. My season was filled with health problems and then add in anxiety, depression and I felt like I had been through a war zone.

The thing is, if I had been through a war zone, I could proudly display my wounds and scars. Anxiety and depression make you want to put on a mask and deeply hide that you ever suffered from them.

After 4 years of battle, God nudged me to start writing. I remember the day and I remember my reaction. Are you kidding me? Insert a crazy laugh.

I had been journaling for the last few years, but those were my private thoughts. I didn’t necessarily want to share out loud. Some of those thoughts were too raw, too authentic.

How God Blesses When We Step Out in Faith. How do we overcome our fear and really listen to what God wants us to do? No more ignoring, no more missing the blessings of stepping out.


You know what I mean?

I snubbed God for a few months, and when it entered into my thoughts again I’d chuckled, and push it back down into oblivion…or at least I thought so.

Come follow me to and see the rest of my story.

5 thoughts on “How God Blesses When We Step Out in Faith

  1. I loved reading a little more of your story Julie, and am so glad that God is using you to bring glory to Him through your difficulties. Praising Him in our storms is always tough, but SO WORTH the effort. Thought I’d leave a comment here on your blog instead of over at where you guest posted. 🙂

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