The Lie I Believed and the Fear it Created

I’m afraid I’m going to be all alone. There I said it.

It sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

When I was a child, I was told I’d be all alone someday. As a result, I have been carrying this truth with me the last 30+ years.

I thought it was the truth, but in reality, it was a lie.

This lie was implanted firmly in my mind, unknown and unseen to me. The lie liked to pop up when bad things were happening and cause anxiety.

  • My third son was born with 2 holes in his heart. POP!
  • My husband went to treatment for alcoholism. BAM!
  • The birth of my 5th child and many complications surrounding it. KABOOM!

I became needy. Dependent.

The Lie I Believed and the Fear it Created. Overcoming fear and the lies you believe by using Bible Verses and quotes. Fear anxiety doesn't have to hold you captive any longer.

Repeating My Comfortable

Every little disturbance to my life became a repeated theme of somehow it would leave me all by myself.

Thus, my default reaction was to worry, analyze and think the worst outcomes of everything.

My little mind would think somehow worrying would prevent situations from escalating. I could make sure nothing happened or strive and do something for others, so they became dependent on me and needed me around.

I had it all wrong.

Isn’t that how Satan likes to work?

Slowly the lies drip into every crevice. Through watching us and learning our weaknesses, therefore, he can punch us where it counts.

Every punch turns into a defeat. Consequently, we live grasping hold of lies, instead of believing God’s truth.

“Worry leaves us beaten, without even laying a hand on us.” ~Kelly Balarie Click To Tweet

Worry is Pointless

Isn’t that how worry works?

We think it’s helping, but rather we become ragged and it starts to strangle us.

Life isn’t fun any longer because we are either in the past where we can recall bad things happening, or we usher ourselves into the future and “what-ifs.”

It’s exhausting because we can’t ever find contentment in the present. We worry our lives away and miss this day.

I don’t want to miss out on my life.

However, I just don’t know how to replace the worry. It fits me and I’m comfortable, for this reason, leaving it behind would mean stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m not good with growth and change, I’m a creature of habit.

How do I change the lies I’ve always believed and replace them with God’s truth?

  1. Realize God’s promise of never leaving me or forgetting about me
  2. Reassert my seriousness about change
  3. Readiness to change. God waiting for me to want to change
  4. Replace the wrong thoughts with rights thoughts by the help of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Reveal my struggles with others and be accountable for the times I reclaim my old patterns
  6. Reflect on God’s ability to change me

My Problem is Trust

The underlying cornerstone to all of this replacing and exchanging is trusting in God. That’s where my key problems lies. I don’t trust Him to not let me down. People have let me down and I figure God will too.

What if He doesn’t come through?

(2 Thessalonians 3:3, NLT).

But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one.[a]

How’s your trust level in Him?

The Lie I Believed and the Fear it Created. Overcoming fear and the lies you believe by using Bible Verses and quotes. Fear anxiety doesn't have to hold you captive any longer.

Breaking this Stronghold

I’m laying a lot of my honest feelings on you. I’ve been chained to all of this, but I am asserting this 2017 and beyond will be a time of big changes. New habits and new revelations in my life, God is changing me.

Here’s the thing, what I have been trying isn’t working. I’ve never tried to go full-out to God. It’s so polar opposite of my self-imposed settings.

“Trusting God was all I had left when I felt like nothing else was left. It is the only way when… Click To Tweet

Unlocking the Chains

Could this be the key to unlock the chains holding me? I’m so ready to try something that works!

2017 is the year I am all in. I’m putting on my chips on God. This stronghold is going to be broken with God’s help. I’m going to find freedom.

What are you hoping to be free from this year?



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22 thoughts on “The Lie I Believed and the Fear it Created

  1. Thank-you for your transparency. I can definitely relate! A daily infusion of God’s Word and His promises are vital to my fear-fighting. I appreciate your honesty :).

  2. Go Julie! So often we have to get plain old sick of our sin before we’re willing to do what it takes for healing. I know my worry crosses over into sin often, too, and it’s mistrust of God, and doubt, and useful. Worry doesn’t work. Thanks for your humble transparency- including in defining what it takes to fight fear by really and truly going all-in trusting our Lord!

  3. Amen, Julie, amen!! Honesty is hard when it involves our feelings and I security. You have just brought it into the light where it has no power and is covered by the blood of Christ!! In Jesus name, you are set free. Walk in boldness sister!!

    Keep being transparent, we will walk every step of your journey with you!!

  4. It’s incredible how I quote “God has not given us the spirit of fear….” out of one side of my mouth yet I share my doubts out the other side. Your post is so real. I have been guilty of the same. Thank you for addressing here in your community of those joining you in unmasking the mess. Praise God that we have weapons that can break down our strongholds. Love you my dear sister.

    1. Calvonia- fear is strong isn’t it! I think about that passage too but then fear seems to win.
      Breaking down strongholds this year!
      Thank you for your encouragement and friendship!

  5. Julie – Way to go! Just put it right out there, I bet it felt so good to finally say it. I find that once we bring things into the light, the less the enemy has to use against us…. and more truth gets to shine on the situation showing us that it really isn’t something we need to be fearful of. I am so sorry that others spoke those things over you when you were growing…. I am so glad that you shared, becasue now when the lie comes up, then you can just punch it in the face and send it right back where it came from. I am blessed to be your neighbor at #TellHisStory and also #FreshMarketFriday

  6. Julie I found myself nodding while reading this! Thank God for that powerful testimony. You’re so brave to share your story of victory. Thank God!
    God bless my sister!

  7. Trusting God when all else fails – at some point hopefully we’ll learn to trust Him BEFORE all fails! 🙂 Great post! Thanks for stopping by Inspire Me Monday

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