Why the Most Broken and Hurt People Need to be at Church


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I don’t know if it was the pristine red carpet or the fact I had to wear my fancy dress and shiny black Mary Jane shoes, but church made me feel like only the best was accepted. Heaven forbid if I wore jeans or made a loud noise during the service.

The whole place including the organ made me self-conscious. Was I good enough to be welcomed there? Would I be good enough for Jesus?

In the eyes of a child, the members in their Sunday best seemed inclusive and formed in packs already. These church people appeared unfriendly and uninviting to me. When I was an adult in this church, it wasn’t much better. It was hard to break into the pecking order.

A friend was cohabiting and Pastor wouldn’t marry them. Another acquaintance’s son committed suicide and she wanted a funeral and this couldn’t happen.

When did church stop embracing broken humans? When did rituals and rites become more important than people? Religion more important than relationships?

Why the Most Broken and Hurt People Need to be at Church. Christian churches and outreach. How do we welcome others in? Make church a place families want to be. Accept everyone now broken, messy and hurt and see what Jesus can do. We need to embrace others with open arms.

It’s Not a Country Club

Country Clubs are privately owned clubs with closed memberships. Before the 1960s, they could be very exclusive clubs where membership was only offered to certain people and classes of people. These country clubs were in essence for the upper class of Americans. Minorities would be excluded until the 1960s.

Privileged people protected their club from the common person.

Sound familiar? Have our churches come across this way?

I’ve heard this a few times, they wouldn’t accept me and my past. My lifestyle wouldn’t be welcomed there. People would judge me.

Here’s the thing, God comes to us when we’re broken and wants to take us to our best.

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5 thoughts on “Why the Most Broken and Hurt People Need to be at Church

  1. Absolutely – church is for the broken – otherwise it would be empty. The appearance of perfection does not mean we’re perfect and I detest that misconception of church. I do believe we need to present respect to our King, but He accepts us as we are! Love it!

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