The Best Ways to Live your Christian Life Well

Inside: Thriving through life no matter what happens and ten guidelines to live your Christian life well.

Four years ago, our family moved across the state. My husband and I were restless and felt moving to a new area was where God was calling us. In the depths of our hearts, we were confident this new place would bring us more happiness and peacefulness than our current home near the banks of the Rock River.

As we wrapped our precious belongings in bubble wrap, we kept our focus on our new life across the state. Everything that was keeping us from feeling happy in our current place would cease when our toes touched our new land by the Mississippi River.

Even though this particular time was trying (packing and moving six family members), the next phase of establishment would be better.

Isn’t that what we are betting on when we move from one place to another, whether it’s a new move or season?

And then it wasn’t. Unpacking and settling were even harder than packing up and moving. Getting ready packing to leave lasted a short period, but getting used to our new home has taken time.


The Best Ways to Live your Christian Life Well. Thriving through life no matter what happens and ten guidelines to live your Christian life well. Who are some examples of people who have lived life well?

Living Life Well

What happened to the instant happiness, isn’t that why we moved? Why was I dissatisfied?
Doesn’t this happen to us a lot? We think life will be better when we graduate high school, and then six months later, we regret it and desire the safety within the walls of Madison High. Life will be happy when we’re married, and then the honeymoon is over, and reality happens.

Do you ever think back over your life and wonder what the heck you were thinking?

A hard season happened, and you complained and thought of throwing in the towel. However, after that hard season, an even more challenging phase happened which made the previous season look like a cake walk?

I don’t know about you, but it seems like dissatisfaction is always present in my current season. I wish things were different (sometimes it’s even myself I wish was different).

Maybe if I was less uptight, I could enjoy the mess my children create around the house. Or my back was less painful, and I could participate more at church.

Can I ever be just content and happy right where I am?

Embracing Our Life Regardless of What Happens

I’ve been thinking about this lately. When I stand before Jesus on Judgement Day, and He shows me the reel of my life, will I be embarrassed by my lack of happiness?

Am I living life well ….as a Christian?

Jesus is the model example of living life well here on earth. (Yea, I know He was God, but He was also fully human when He came to live here.)

Let me first point out. Living life well doesn’t mean hard things don’t come our way. To me, it means rising beyond struggles and problems but also accepting those times as periods of growth and development.

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21 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Live your Christian Life Well

  1. Hi Julie, Your words are very timely for me during my current phase. Thank you for the encouragement to keep my eyes focused on the unseen, not just the seen. It really does make all the difference.

  2. Learning to enjoy the seasons of life is not easy. Like the actual seasons of nature, we have certain one that we favour…for me it’s summer. Nice and warm with all the fun things to do. What I’m learning is that there is enjoyment in each season and asking God to help me through the ones that are a struggle. Learning that gratitude is a breeding ground for contentment. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject lately. While I can’t say it’s been a typical issue for me (not that there hasn’t been others), a recent life change I didn’t expect has left me feeling frustrated and discontent, at times. Thanks for these great thoughts on the subject.

  4. Julie, I came by here the other day and thought I left a note. I am your neighbor today at Crystal’s. I have been here yes – where you always feel like the other shoe will drop so why get too excited, but even reading Crystal’s post today made me think about how we can expect big things from God. Even this week I saw God do more daily miracles, to the timing of getting my husband home to providing monetarily, to providing help when I needed it. When I remember to look and be thankful – I can feel his peace abide in me, but when I get away from counting my blessings that’s when I start to feel inconsistent in my contentment. I know we are human and won’t be 100% perfect this side of heaven, but I also don’t want to use that as an excuse. So thanks for writing this – I love your wisdom and how you lay it out simply and practically.

    1. Meg- so glad you saw God in big ways this past week! Gratitude is a huge perspective shifter…maybe that’s why God says to give thanks in everything. If we’re always thankful we won’t get caught up in what God can’t do but what He’s already done!
      So glad you stopped and shared your wisdom 🙂

  5. And sometimes the hard part just stays as a permanent fixture in your life and you have to rely on the One for strength endurance and perseverance

    1. Debbie- yes…sometimes we just need to trust Him. You’re right! I’m glad you stopped and shared! 🙂

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