Can you Break Your Piggy Bank? Insight on how God wants us to use our money.

Can You Break Your Piggy Bank?

This has been the hardest post for me to write. I spent a few days in the Word because when you talk about money, people get defensive. They tune-out, and find themselves getting angry. How many of you tuned out already? All church wants is money, you’ve heard that right?…

Clearing Emotional Clutter. Do you keep your feelings to yourself? David told God how he felt and God listened. When we're truthful to God, we grow in faith. Tips, advice and Bible verses to clear your emotional clutter.

Clearing Emotional Clutter

Today Tanya Cowley is going to share a post for the series “I’m the Problem in My Growth as a Christian.” Tanya writes deeply and intently, she brings up deep thoughts and questions. I hope you enjoy the post!     “My heart pounds in my chest. The terror of…

Is Peer Pressure Stronger than Christ Pressure? Peer pressure is real even when we're grown up. How does if affect our relationship with God? The more we become of the world, the less we become like God.

Is Peer Pressure Stronger than Christ Pressure?

In grade school, I curled my bangs. I created a “poof” and then sprayed half-a-can of hairspray to keep it from collapsing. Fitting into high school fashion, I rolled my jeans cuffs really tight and wore my socks up tight to my jeans. The style was important, and I was…

I’m No Olympian- When Fear Holds Me Back in Faith

  I’m scared of starting the propane grill. There I said it,  laugh at me. The gas, flames and the thought of a large pocket of propane gas igniting terrifies me. I don’t grill if Greg isn’t home. I have a lot of fear. It holds me back. I have…

God Knows Who You Are Even If You Don’t. Worth and mistaken identity. Father's approval.Trying to be something you're not. God knows who we are and when we relaize this we can be true to ourselves.

God Knows Who You Are Even If You Don’t

Today, I have my friend Meg joining this month’s series on “I’m the problem in my growth as a Christian.” I enjoy Meg’s writing, she’s down-to-earth and honest. Aren’t we all looking for others that can just be real? I hope you enjoy her post! Head over to her site…

Breaking Up With Bad. We didn’t go searching for a bad relationship, but somehow it happened. Do you feel stuck?

Breaking Up With Bad

When I was a child, I was taught people I didn’t know were strangers. I couldn’t talk to them, or follow them into their car. Candy offered from a stranger was definitely a no-no. Were you taught this too? I have since taught my kids about “Stranger Danger.” I’ve heard…

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