The Solution to Insecurity. What hapens when the bills keep coming in, but the money isn't there. The solution for insecuirity lies in God's word. Tips and advice from God.

The Solution to Insecurity

Today I am welcoming my new friend, Janet, to the blog. I met Janet through Compel, and she graciously offered to write a post for this month’s series about “I’m the Problem with My Faith Growth.” I hope you enjoy her post! The Solution to Insecurity  By Janet Meydam My…

Why Does My Doubt Overcome My Worth? My feelings can make me feel like I'm not worth much. It's easy to let mundane life tell me I'm not unique. What does God say about my worth?

Why Does My Doubt Overcome My Worth?

  As a mom, many days I don’t feel special. I make everyone else feel special and the mundane of life seems to swallow me up whole. I’ve gone through a season of hard, and I really find myself questioning how special I am to God. I know the Bible…

I'm Set to the Negative Channel. When things go wrong, isn't easy to become negative. Our attitudes are affect our faith, especially when we're set to the negative channel.

I’m Set to the Negative Channel

Are you like me? I think the worst, and it really limits me and my faith. Problems seem to trickle in, and soon I think, everything is going bad. My husband travels for work a lot. Usually when he leaves, things happen. It’s like Murphy’s Law: “anything that can go…

Measuring is Good for Projects, Not People. When we compare, we are only seeing what's on the outside, not the inside. Measuring ourselves limits are faith because God made each of us unique

Measuring is Good for Projects, Not People

Can I admit something? I’m really bad at using a measuring tape. My husband was a carpenter, and his tape measure was one of the most important tools on his tool belt. He can measure precisely, but if he asks me to help measure something, I need him to help…

My Stagnant Faith is My Fault

I’m the problem. In a host of messes, I can honestly say it starts with me. When I asked a handful of woman a couple weeks ago what they were struggling with, I got a lot of answers. Even though they were different answers, the overarching theme was the same.…

How Did Adam and Eve Start Anxiety? Anxiety didn't exist before the Fall. Once the fruit was eaten, anxiety began. It's been affecting us all since.

How Did Adam and Eve Start Anxiety?

As we leave this month’s theme of anxiety, I just want to encourage you. You are not alone. Anxiety isn’t new, and many have battled with it. You are so much stronger than your anxiety. You have hope and God on your side. My prayer for you:   Dear Heavenly Father-…

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