The Bathroom Became My Sacred Ground. On this particular day, I had had enough. In desperation, I finally surrendered my white flag and admitted to God that I was done trying in my own strength. I couldn’t do it any longer. I drew my line right there on the bathroom floor. It was a checkmate between God and myself, no advancing was going to happen for me unless I relinquished my fight to Him

The Bathroom Became My Sacred Ground

The weather outside my bathroom window was stormy, windy and the snow was coming down. It was a weird February day because we were having a thunder snowstorm. It was gloomy outside, and the weather matched what my heart was feeling. I felt like the storm would never blow over…

Stepping Outside the House. Sometimes adding more to the schedule causes us to panic and feel overwhelmed.

Stepping Outside the House

Today I want to introduce my new friend, Sharon, she blogs over at “A Place called Home.” Sharon’s blog holds tips and secrets for busy moms. Pop over there and check it out! Here is Sharon’s angle on anxiety. Stepping Outside the House By: Sharon Schuler I don’t know about…

The Journey I Didn't Want to Take. We find ourselves in some hard seasons. Anxiety was my hard period. The journey almost break me, and I question if I could trek through it. Tips and Relief for the journey.

The Journey I Didn’t Want to Take

About two years ago, one of my boys started a sleep-walking journey. He would do it about four times a week. It always happened within an hour of him going to bed. We tried different things: oils, earlier bedtimes, later bedtimes, different snacks before bed, and supplements. Something would work…

How I Lost My Control Freak Membership. We like control, don't we? The idea of placing control into God's hands can be scary.

How I Lost My Control Freak Membership

When I was a child, we had the first Nintendo game system. The controller had a few buttons on it, and the simplicity made it easy to play the games. Fast-forward to now, and my son’s Xbox One controller is pretty elaborate. It has lots of buttons, and it also…

How Do You Break From Anxiety and Settling in Life? When I was anxious, I felt shame because Christians aren’t supposed to worry. We aren’t supposed to be hopeless and feel desperate, and we aren’t supposed to quit.

How Do You Break from Anxiety and Settling in Life?

Today I’m excited to be sharing at Kelly’s blog with a few other talented bloggers. You’ll find a lot of encouragement at her site. I hope you enjoy Kelly’s site as much as I do. Check back often because she covers so many issues in our faith walk! How Do…

Fear: No Longer a Slave. You may have a struggle with sin you don't believe you can be freed from. You may feel paralyzed in the bondage of that sin. I am living proof that's not true.

Fear: No Longer A Slave

I’m so excited to have my new friend Brittany here. She has experienced anxiety, and I love how she is depending on God to get her through it. Brittany has so many nuggets of truth spread throughout her writing. You can read more from her at her site. Fear: No…

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