How do we win when we fail and our circumstances overtake us? Tips for becoming a real winner every day!

How to Become a Real Winner Every Day

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To The Doorstep. Walking with a friend through cancer. Lessons learned through friendship.There’s nothing quite like it, really; walking with someone right up to the gates of Glory.

To the Doorstep

Happy Memorial Day! I’m excited to be sharing the writing of Melissa Bronson today. Melissa is one of my Compel “sisters” and has offered to share her piece here under this month’s theme of Trusting God when Life is Hard in Health. If you could visit one of her sites…

When things aren't happening the way we want, do you run towards or away from God? Here's six tips to keep you aligned with Him. Even in the hard seasons, you can be sure He's walking with you.

Six Tips for Staying Close to God

The hamster in my brain is doing a major workout; thoughts are circling and my fear is increasing. Like a caged animal pacing back and forth, I wear down a path around the kitchen island. What is wrong with me? The doctor doesn’t know what’s going on. He suggests we…

God has a purpose for us even in the season of sickness. Will we complete our purpose, or let the sickness take our focus?

The Secret to Pressing on in Sickness

Are you ever sick of being sick? I’m not talking about some sniffles that are annoying or an ear infection that is remedied in a few days. Rather, the chronic day-after-day affliction with no ending in sight. I follow a little boy on Facebook that has been ill from birth. He…

Heavenly Health. God is more concerned about our character than our comfort. We take our souls to Heaven.

Heavenly Health

  “Everything which He sends is needful; nothing can be needful that He withholds.”~John Newton Grasp that! We can’t understand His ways, but we should trust that He has our best interest at heart. What He is accomplishing now will make so much sense when we are in Heaven! He’s…

We get stuck on our problems. If we can fix our focus and place it on Jesus, we can get freedom from the stress and burden of the circumstance.

How to Refocus and Find Freedom

My special friend- Sinking, treading water and legs feeling full of lead. Clawing, trying to get yourself out of the mud you’re stuck in. Darkness and loneliness feel so close. The world keeps going on and you wonder why you can’t break out into it. Swirling thoughts, anxious body and…