How Significant Are the Insignificant Moments? Do you get tired of the endless serving you give your kids? God sees it all.

How Significant Are the Insignificant Moments?

As a mom, it’s hard to keep my emotions in check. I feel in awe of my kids one minute and steaming mad the next at them. Reigning in these feelings every day is exhaustive. We spend the day cleaning, only to have the toddler use a cantaloupe as a…

5 Tips to Get You Closer to God's Will. Have you been praying, waiting for direction? We want a sign to tell us how to proceed. If we are spending time with God, we should see the sign. Maybe we should be more concerned with following the Shepherd, than seeing the sign.

5 Tips to Get You Closer to God’s Will

Today I’m participating in Suzie Eller’s #livefreeThursday and the topic to write on this week is: “When I think I need a sign.” Enjoy and head over to her site where women are in conversation about matters concerning them.  Suzie calls it a “sisterhood of brave girls.” Let me know…

Accepting Life As It Is: A Sweet Surrender. We don't like the word surrender. Could the best of life happen when we surrender and let God lead?

Accepting Life as It Is: A Sweet Surrender

Today I am guest blogging at Accordant Life.  This is an honor to be posting over there. Marina has been blessed with a new addition to her family, a little baby boy. She has invited some bloggers to help fill in as she enjoys her babymoon with her little guy.…

Why Should I Want To Stick Out in Faith? My daughter wanted to stand up for her faith, but she didn’t want to stick out. How does God bless us when we stand out?

Why Should I Want to Stick Out in Faith?

My teeth were clenched, and I felt sick to my stomach. The steam was pouring out of my ears like it does on the cartoons. My inner mama bear was furious. I felt like I had to do something: tell someone off, or anonymously post something eluding to the incident…

How Do You Parent When You Are Overcome By Your Own Mess? We are sometimes sinking in our own problems, and can't see beyond that. Do you ever feel like your mess will become your child's mess?

How Do You Parent When You’re Overcome by Your Own Mess?

 Sinking A few years ago, I was clawing at normalcy. A few health conditions knocked me off my feet, and I was sinking into a pit of anxiety. Every day I felt like I was trending water, and any moment I could go down. And the mess is so big…

Putting Faith at Center Stage in My Parenting.When I don’t place faith at center stage, I become a ball of nerves listing all the things I didn’t do or things I did “wrong”.

Putting Faith at Center Stage In My Parenting

  Putting Faith at Center Stage In My Parenting By Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros Friends, I’m so honored to have one of my new friends, Carolina on the blog today. She is going to share a post about parenting for this month’s theme. I have enjoyed spending time on her blog, Cisneros…

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