Book Review- Glory Days by Max Lucado

Today I wanted to do something different. I have shelves upon shelves of Christian books that have impacted my faith life.  I decided to do a book review on some books in the upcoming months. Reading a good book, but also something which can propel my faith-life is a win-win…

Are You Going to Crash in a Mess or Catch God's Mission? We think we know the best way. Can I point out we are stressed, sick and hopeless right now in the world because we follow what we want. When we follow God's path, we begin to enjoy life. Could a lot of the problems be abated if we only trust and walk in faith?

Will You Crash in a Mess or Catch God’s Mission?

Tips for our kids when making life decisions and God’s role in it.

How Do You See God's Goodness in the Mess? Problems are always surrounding us. Violence happening on the news. Is there any good in this world? Why is God? We can see sign of God's goodness everywhere.

How do You See God’s Goodness in the Mess?

Last week, I spent four nights teaching at Vacation Bible School. One of the nights the theme was “When Life changes, God is good.” In the news, though, it seems like everything is bad and getting worse. It’s almost ironic because this night happened to be the day the incident…

Are You Certain of Your Final Destination?

  A few years ago, I began feeling some inner wrestling. It was like I felt caged-in and the same paths were trampled to pieces. I was discontent. I wasn’t looking to find happiness in any material thing. It was deeper than that. I could feel it in my soul.…

How can you be an example of Jesus? How do we show our kids Jesus? Do we point them to Him, or away from them?Our kids make mistakes, do we show them the grace and mercy our Savior shows us?

How Can You Be an Example of Jesus?

  I had spent the morning outside and popped inside to get something to drink. I noticed a blinking light on the answering machine so I pushed the button to listen to it. It was school, actually the principal.  I was already on alert because this was not an automated…

Want to Know One Promise When You Question Your Faith? Fickle feelings. Wavering faith. Up and down every day. Do you ever wonder how you're going to get this Christian faith right?

Want to Know One Promise When You Question Your Faith?

I had just spent weeks feeling empowered and faith-filled. I was child of the King and nothing was standing in my way. In my mind, the darts from Satan would come, but I replaced them with confident assurance.  I’m not good enough, but I replace with I am a child…

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