Why I Need to Trust God When I Suffer. How does God allow suffering if He loves us? Why me? Doesn't God care? Tips and reasons why we can trust God during hard seasons.

Why I Need to Trust God When I Suffer

  Today I am sharing at Busy Being Blessed and their series, “Lights of Hope in Times of Darkness Series. ” We all go through times where it’s just too hard. The posts in this series will encourage and give you hope whether you’re in a hard time now, or…

Why You Should Stop Giving Your Spouse the Leftovers

Today I am welcoming Madison Weaver to the blog. She writes about marriage and she has a new e-book devotional which is designed to help wives grow closer to God and their husbands. I hope you will check it out. It’s been a crazy day. You’ve been running around like…

How to Keep the Faith When Life Sucks? Where is God when life is hard? Tips and advice about being there with friends when we don't have the words to say. How to encourage without words. Examples from the Bible. Finding God in the messes of life.

How to Keep the Faith When Life Sucks

  I have a problem, how do you encourage a friend when life sucks? She was sitting across the small café table from me, the room was warm and the exposed brick gave the feeling of coziness. The smell of coffee and cinnamon was in the air, the fizzing and…

How to Find Quality Time for God When Busy I Ain't Got Time For That. Are you too busy for God? Here’s the cornerstone truth: When a woman is too busy, she limits her faith. She stops growth in her spiritual life, when she’s neglected time with Jesus.

How to Find Quality Time for God When Busy

  Every morning I envision myself sitting at my kitchen table with the Bible and a steaming mug of black tea ready to meet up with my Lord. With my fleece blanket wrapped around me,  I can’t wait to hear from Him and be refreshed and renewed before I become…

Jesus- Why I Desperately Need You the Most. Do you have an inner longing and restlessness that you can't fill? You try, but it only lasts a little while. Only Jesus can fill us and give us what we need. We need to want Him to fill us though.

Jesus- Why I Desperately Need You the Most

  In our yard, there’s this big hole in the ground. The kids dug it out a year ago and every time I cut the lawn, I hit it and it jars me against the steering wheel.  We’ve tried to fill it multiple times. First, the kids tried sand, and…

Why Leaving Comfortable is the Best Way to Trust God. You have a purpose and a calling to serve. Find inspiration and tips how God takes you out of your comfort zone. What can God be teaching you?

Why Leaving Comfortable is the Best Way to Trust God

  Today I’m sharing at Meg’s site, and I hope you go check it out. She has many resources for writers and her community #TeaAndWord is a fun place to hang out at. You will be refreshed and renewed when you spend time with Meg.  I can’t call myself a…

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