How God's Greatest Power was in the Suffering of the Cross. The death of Christ on the cross. The love Jesus had for us and the facts of the nails and the crucifixicion. The illustration of the women at Easter. The lessons and images of what the Romans did to our Lord on the cross for our eternal life.

How God’s Greatest Power was in the Suffering of the Cross

Today, I’m sharing at my friend Kelly’s site! Kelly is a great encourager and her site is all about staying nourished and thriving. I don’t know about you, but this is what I want in my life. For God’s word to nourish me so I can thrive in His purposes for…

How to wait well in the hard of life. Tired of waiting on God for something to happen? When it's hard, it's easy to be impatient and continue to be still. Tips for women with Scripture on waiting in the struggles

How to Wait Well in the Hard of Life

When I looked into the room all I could see was the bed and the countless machines attached to his body. I knew a child was laying in the bed, but the bed looked like it was swallowing him whole. His little cherub face was puffy and plastic was covering…

17 of the Most Awesome Biblical Truths Boys Better Embrace Now. Biblical truths and tips to help your son grow in the Lord. Teenage, tweens and adolescent boys need to know what God says about them. Bible Verses to model love for one another. Advice to help your boy stand out and apart from other boys.

17 of the Most Awesome Biblical Truths Boys Better Embrace Now

I know nothing about boys. There I said it, and God has given me four boys and one girl. I didn’t have any brothers, or boy playmates growing up. The closest boy I interacted with was a cousin, who I saw a few times a year. The jokes on me!…

20 Reasons Church is the Best Environment for Kids. Teaching our kids why they need church. What can they learn there? How does church help in life? Ideas, quotes and tips on church for kids.

20 Reasons Church is the Best Environment for Kids {Printable}

I poke my head into the dark room and say to my teens- time to wake up for church, as they grumble and roll over. Do we have too? I’m so tired, could we just watch it online? My younger boys reluctantly get ready, but I can tell they’d rather…

5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent. Are you a work-in-progress parent? We need God and Scripture to be the best parent. Tips for surviving with Scriptures!

5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent

Starla Jimenez is sharing on Unmasking the Mess today.  Some interesting things about Starla, she is a homeschooling mom living in Mexico, but she was born in the States. She blogs at I enjoy Starla’s honest and authentic posts and her Facebook feed is always packed with great encouraging graphics,…

To The Mother Struggling With Failure. Past regrets and mistakes. Shame and guilt have been removed through the grace of Jesus. Dear momma, you are not a failure. Keep praying and believing!

To The Mother Struggling With Failure

Today I’m welcoming the beautiful Marigold Jones of The Journey of a Million Miles blog. Marigold has become a dear friend of mine although we live states away. She’s tough as nails, but a huge lover of our Savior. This post was very moving for me because I struggle with…

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