Why Your Broken Past Makes You Wanted. Brokenness and bad pasts is what God is looking for. Your testimony of how God brought you through is most encouraging when it's overcoming a past problem. God wants to use you!

Why Your Broken Past Makes You Wanted

Today I’m thrilled to be sharing over at Precepts and Life Preservers. Christine Duncan writes there about her faith and chronic depression or Dysthymia. What I love about Christine’s writing is her honesty and authentic voice as she struggles with her depression. She unmasks and through her words, we can…

Do You Want Me to Pull Over this Car. As a parent how do we encourage relationships among our children? Growing up sibling rivalry happens but how do we teach love, character and getting along so they develop meaningful bonds. What if there are problems? Goals, tips, techniques and Scripture to help you reach your goal

Do You Want Me to Pull Over this Car?

Nothing is worse than being in the car when your kids start nit-picking at each other. The encounter soon erupts like a volcano with words spewing at an ever-increasing volume. Add the word mom to the mix and it can leave any mom frazzled and ready to pull over and…

Hey You- Your Story Matters. Sharing our personal journey of faith makes a difference. We need to hear Christian testimony of Jesus. We give hope and encouragement when we share our walk along with Scripture

Hey You- Your Story Matters

The Holocaust was a horrific event in history.  Many people lost their lives. Those that remained carried the sights, sounds and images in their hearts forever. Many individuals stand out during the time frame, not because they suffered more or experienced something far worse than others, but because they told…

Have We All Turned into Jerks-What Happened to Love. How do we show love at church and go home and spew hate on the internet? What happened to the Golden Rule? Have love, compassion and civility been lost forever? Jesus was the example of how to live

Have We All Turned into Jerks-What Happened to Love?

Have you ever gone to the comments section of a controversial topic and read the on-going discussion? What is most obvious is that hate is overpowering and love is certainly missing. Did you find yourself feeling sick to your stomach, and bothered by the way people were conversing with each…

I Suck at Being a Christian. When struggles hit, it can cause havoc in my faith. Insomnia hit and was causing depression. How to find tips and truth from God and Bible verses to overcome any struggle.

I Suck at Being a Christian

I spent a month around the New Year struggling with insomnia. I couldn’t sleep at all, not at night or during the day. I’d lay down and toss and turn all night. After 48 hours of not sleeping, I went to see my doctor. She did help me with sleep…

How Addiction Gave Me Warrior Strength. Tips and Scripture for dealing with addiction in your family. Love and Inspiration in your Relationship. Blessings in the mess

How Addiction Gave Me Warrior Strength

A few years ago, my husband handed me a letter. I had been used to getting love letters from him over the span of our relationship so I didn’t think twice about it. My stomach dropped. Nervous tension started creeping up from my legs and then flowing throughout my body.…

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