6 of the Best Reasons Why We Need Our Dads

Inside: Regardless of how it happens whether estrangement, death or emotionally unavailable father. We need our dads in our family’s life and in society.

Today I ‘m sharing at Lauren’s site, The Chaotic Life of Lauren. I enjoy her site and her graphics are great! What I’ve noticed at her site is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to our Christian walk. I hope you’ll go check it out!


“I don’t have a dad,” the young man explained. “I’ve never even met him.” Another young man knows who his dad is, but doesn’t stay in touch with him. Still, another has an abusive, alcoholic father who isn’t there emotionally.

All these boys conversed with me with little emotion, but I had to wonder if somehow hidden in the rifts of their minds pain was in there somewhere?

Hearing these young men candidly admit they were raised without fathers, broke my heart. I feel sad because it’s not the way it should be; the way God intended it.

In our society, a trend is growing with an increase in absent fathers. Regardless of how it happens whether estrangement, death or even a physically available but emotionally unavailable father. Being without a father has enormous consequences.

When I searched google, this is the list of effects of absent fathers.

  • Increase anxiety and depression
  • Increase substance abuse
  • Children becoming parents at young age
  • Increase divorce and relationship problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • For boys: 5x increase in suicide rate, 32x increase rate of incarceration.
  • For girls: lack of security, earlier puberty, and parenthood

 Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation. ~David Blankenhorn

The truth is, we need our Dads in our lives. The role they play can’t be substituted by a mom. (Hear me, mothers who have raised kids by yourselves, you are doing a great job and your children might be the exception to these statistics.)

The role of a Father is essential to reverse the effects from above, but also when it comes to children’s faith. We need our dads for our faith!

6 of the Best Reasons Why We Need Our Dad's. When Dad isn't present, statistics show effects. If our Dad is absent or emotionally unavailable it can affect our view of God. Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate role model for Dads.

6 Reasons Dad’s Role is Important

  • When Dads attend church (with mothers), there is a greater probability kids will continue going.
  • Dads can model what living as a Christian means.
  • Father’s influence children’s commitment to faith.
  • Guide our families to be strong in the Lord.
  • Display thankfulness, service, and generosity as a legacy for the household.
  • Model leadership, protection, and security.

To read the rest of my post including how to handle hurt caused by dads follow me to Lauren’s site.

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16 thoughts on “6 of the Best Reasons Why We Need Our Dads

  1. I’m headed over to read the rest of this! Yes, dads are so very important. Especially for daughters! Pedro has been an amazing dad and our girls think they are lucky to have him (and I think they’re lucky to have him, too).

  2. I miss my dad and was so blessed by his influence on my life. As a teacher I see so many children come through my room without a positive male role model in their life – I agree strongly with what you’ve written here!

  3. Dads are so important! Let’s make sure they know that they are loved and appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing Lauren’s post. Blessings, Misty

  4. This post brings tears to my eyes. Right now my husband has to live in another country and cannot be a father to his children although he wishes he could. I pray for my children and that soon my husband can be back to be a part of their lives.

  5. What a great topic! I think we’ve grown into a society where dads are considered not needed and it’s a lie the enemy has been really good at feeding. Dads represent the Father’s heart, His hand of protection, provision, guidance, establish identity, value and so much more. I’ve seen firsthand the damage of an absent father and it continues forward in future generations. Thank you for sharing this important subject!!

    1. Esther- you’re right! We need moms and dads in our family units. Society is falling apart and I think a lot of it is due to family unit disintegration.

  6. Dads ARE essential for the spiritual health of our kids! I am so thankful my husband recognizes the importance of his role as dad. We both know the implications of a poor relationship with a dad. We have worked towards giving our children and future grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc a rich and Godly heritage. Thanks for sharing Grace and Truth. I have chosen your post as my feature this week.

    1. Aimee- thank you! Wow, sounds like you and your husband are making a generational difference. We need more of that in society! I appreciate you featuring me!

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