The Best Reasons Moms don’t Need to be Judged

Inside: Every mom wants to be a great mom. Whether we stay-at-home or work, we are the best mom to our children. Tips and advice for being the best mom you can be, without having to judge other moms. God gave you these kids, so you can trust His wisdom and get his thoughts about parenting from the Bible.

I’m sharing at Arabah Joy’s site today! I have learned so much from AJ, not only through her courses but her knowledge in some of her Facebook groups .  AJ’s passion for Christ is obvious on her site and through interaction with her. I hope you’ll check out her site and stay a while a grow more in Christ.

As a new mom, I was kind of like a sponge. Every bit of information regarding children would be soaked up. I believed everything, much to my chagrin now.

I dreamed of becoming a great Christian mom and get this parenting gig right. Of course, my kids would grow to be angels, always hold my hand and never have ice cream for breakfast. I’d do everything right, have ever-lasting energy and put my feet up during the day while my children lovingly played on the floor.

Reality hit me, right in the middle of Piggly Wiggly aisle 6. The tantrum of all tantrums and the floor being polished by my son as he rolled around flailing and shrieking. The glances from the other shoppers surely told me I was being judged.

I tried to reason with my son, bribed my son and finally, I mustered up enough strength to grab him, my purse and leave the store amidst gaping mouths and looks of disgust from other badge-wearing moms. The grocery cart remained in aisle 6 along with my pride.

Son 1, Mom 0.

To add salt to my already gaping wound, another mother came over to the car and told me how I was doing it wrong. What I should be doing is this as she explained her parenting technique (which was raising the world’s most amazing kids). I was doing this mothering thing wrong. This mother, obviously, disciplined the right way, because my way wasn’t working.

I could have popped her in the nose. Did I just admit that?

Isn’t it funny that as soon as we see a positive sign on the little test strip, we enter the vicious world of mommy slamming? Right away we need to join collaborations with teams. Team cloth diapers vs. Team Pampers. From there we move up to Team formula vs Team breastfeeding.

The Best Reasons Moms don't Need to be Judged. Every mom wants to be a great mom. Whether we stay-at-home or work, we are the best mom to our children. Tips and advice for being the best mom you can be. God gave you these kids. How to trust His wisdom and see his thoughts about parenting.

Why Do Moms Judge Moms?

As we journey through the early days through adolescence and beyond, it seems like mommies are pitting themselves against each other.

What for? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

Honestly, does it matter that I breastfed for over 2 years, I mean really? Does it hurt you or impact you?

Motherhood is hard enough without having to slip-on boxing gloves. Click To Tweet

These bullying sessions only leave us feeling shame, guilt, and failure. We miss the greatest moments of our children’s lives because we are trying to be someone we are not. The guilt can consume and lead us to believe we are messing up our kids.

As a result, we retreat from our mommy friends or other outspoken friends. We may even give in to the temptation to just give up and not really care about anything anymore.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Reasons Moms don’t Need to be Judged

  1. “God chose us as a parent for each unique child, and He hand-picked each child for us. He wants us to turn confidently to Him for all parenting needs. He will give us wisdom when we ask.” Absolutely brilliant, amen!! We need to encourage and support one another. Parenting is hard. We are all doing the best we can, and doing what we think is best.

  2. Thanks for visiting the other day Julie. I left a comment on Arabah’s site as well. May God continue to encourage your heart as you seek to do the same for others. Have a fantastic weekend and God bless.

  3. So true, Julie. We’re so much stronger as a team than we are competing against one another. Good word today, thanks for sharing. (P.S. — tried to leave a comment over on the Arabah Joy’s site and it gave me an error, not sure if that’s happening to others or not.) ((hug))

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