One of the Most Powerful Ways to Refresh Moms

Inside: In the past, I’ve learned a few methods of studying the Bible. Learn this easy trick for renewing your mind amidst your busy day!

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My kitchen was still dark, the sun was just coming up over the horizon. The silence was all I could hear as I eagerly set the tea kettle on the stove and chose my favorite mug.

I was excited to fill up my cup both literally and figuratively. Heading to my farm-style kitchen table, I sat down with a prayer on my breath. I opened my Bible and sighed, I’m going to get alone with the Lord.

Next thing I heard was the sound of one of my kids scampering across the hardwood floor heading right to me. It was the clingy toddler, so I knew my time with the Lord was over for now.

Is it just me, or do you find yourself struggling to find the time to get with the Lord?

Not only do I have a difficult time finding the time, but also what to do with the Bible when I finally find that time.

So many times I’ll open the Bible and almost “eeny, meany, miny, moe” to where I want to begin reading. I’ll catch myself reading, but when I ask myself what it means, I’ll forget what I just read.

Does this happen to you?

By the time my toddler is content again, I’ll return to my cold cup of tea and the table to try again.

I’ll read His words on the edge of my seat ready to jump at command to my child.  My Creator wants me relaxed and refreshed when I leave His presence. This mom wasn’t feeling any of that.

Sound familiar? No wonder it takes me 3 hours to drink a mug of tea in the morning.

One of the Most Powerful Ways to Refresh Moms. In the past, I’ve learned a few methods of studying the Bible. Learn this easy trick for renewing your mind amidst your busy day. #Bible #faith #printable #life #words

The Missing Part of My Bible Study

Here’s what I’ve been missing. I have been trying to read quantity over quality. Even if I could just read a verse or two, it’s still progress and growth. My problem is, I just need to know what to do with the passage to extract more of the meaning out of it.

Here’s where I need help. In the past, I’ve learned a few methods of studying the Bible, but the steps were complicated and I needed my notes in order to do it. Keeping track of notes with kids is pretty much useless. Complicated steps in the midst of the busy aren’t do-able.

Renewing Your Mind

My friend, Arabah Joy, just designed a course about Bible Study Methods. She will be teaching seven methods through video. For seven days, you will get an email with a new method.

The best part is you can work at your own pace. This momma of 5 was most excited about this.

AJ has served in ministry for 20 years and has shared these methods with believers all over the world. I’m confident they will help you as well.

Bible Study Methods is a great course, it was extremely helpful to my morning routine. Now, I get deeper with Him because I will know where to start and what to do.

At the end of this easy seven-day course, you will be able to tackle the Bible on your own!

The Study the Word: Ephesians Plan beautifully combines all seven Bible study methods taught in BSM: 7 Ways in 7 Days to create a rich and exciting deep dive into the book of Ephesians… in just six weeks! This plan is included FREE when you purchase during launch week (March 20th -26th, 2017).

As a mom, I need to get in the Word every day. It’s my only assurance to have the strength, wisdom, and grace to be the mom my kids need me to be.

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Grabbing Hold of Bible Study Methods

So if you’re wondering how to dive deeper into the Word, here’s what you do.

  1. Purchase BSM  (affiliate link) for $29.00
  2. Send [email protected]  a copy of your receipt.
  3. Julie will send you your link to the bonus freebie.

That’s it, so easy!

I hope you’re as excited as I am to learn more methods!


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  1. I’m visiting from Inspire Me Monday. I do remember those days trying to find a few minutes to spend in God’s Word with little children in the house. And I agree that quality is much more important than quantity. The simplest thing for me to apply when reading the Bible is “Observe, Interpret, Apply.” Whether it’s a verse or a chapter, reading it to understand what it means and then to apply it to myself helps keep me from just dragging my eyes across the page.

  2. I remember when it seemed like no matter how much earlier I got up each morning to spend time with God, my oldest seemed to know and toddle out of bed, too! This looks like a great resource!

  3. Oh, Julie … how I’ve lived where you live … unceasing interruptions with my quiet time … It still happens from time to time even now … I used to get up well before my kids did. But they have to be at school at the crack of dawn, so now my time is after the leave. But still, interruptions do still occur. But I love your focus on quality rather than quantity … zeroing in on one or two verses … even a powerful phrase … can often be enough to think on throughout the day!

    1. Dianne- so you’re saying get used to interruptions 🙂 Yes, grasping any tidbit is important for the day!

  4. Adrienne- thanks for sharing what you do! I like your perspective shift- they see their mom with the Lord. Blessings!

  5. Arabah Joy’s Bible study sounds like it will be very good. I think we all fight that battle with time, balancing things we have to do with time in His presence. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Katie- the study was helpful for me to get a start on how to study the Bible on my own! I get stuck doing the same things over and over again, learning a new way helps see the Word in a different light!

  8. I’m so protective of my early morning time because that’s the only time I have to spend with the Lord reading and praying. Mornings when I oversleep or my children wake up early are hard. I feel like I got cheated out of my quiet time with God.

    1. Melissa- I like my morning time with God also. When I miss it, my day is lacking and I know it’s time with Him. I’m glad you’re defensive about this time!

  9. Love this. Been there, done that, sometimes still do it. I hear the little feet running down the hallway if I wait too long to get up and start my reading early. I have finally gotten my little ones to understand that if I am reading that they need to sit on the couch until I am done. It’s taken awhile, but it’s the season I am in. thank you for this post and the resource.

    1. Maryann- I love your idea about if the littles wake they need to wait till you’re done. What a display you’re giving them of the importance of time with God.

  10. Learning new methods is always exciting! I don’t know about you, but when my kids were a bit younger, no matter how early I rose, they would awake earlier just when I sat down to read my Bible. It’s all about persevering and knowing that in different seasons, our time with the Lord will look different!

    1. Katie- Yes, my kids are the same way! It’s tough in those seasons to be filled, but when we do it feels like we’ve won the lottery!

    1. Tressie- yes, but I feel like those seasons were even more important to get into the Word. Little ones are so trying that I needed a fill up by God.

  11. We all have to find what works for us in everything in life, from being a mom to studying God’s Word. I’ve been teaching the women at my church how to do inductive Bible study and most of them love it, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

    1. Heather- I agree, everyone learns differently. This was helpful to me to learn different ways so I can branch out. The videos with this study were great!

  12. It is definitely not just you. Life has a way of making the less important seem really urgent and before you know it, it’s bedtime. I have been looking for a good Bible study plan for mums for sometime now so I am glad I came across this.

    1. Vicky- getting in the Word is so important to get filled so we can be the best moms possible. I really liked this study and the videos were so helpful!

  13. It’s challenging to balance our spiritual and physical lives! I am going through the stage of young kids and it seems like I’m always on the move, with never enough time to truly sow into the ministry God has given me. Thank you for referring this resource and inspiring all of us to hang in there, despite the chaos going on around us busy mamas:)

    1. Jess- Those seasons are hard, we have to get creative in our time with God. I found this resource super helpful!

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