How to Make God’s Word Stick In Your Mind (and in Your Marriage)

Inside: Do you feel like your time with God is rushed and you can’t remember what you read? Writing out Bible verses about Marriage can help make them both stick!

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Do you ever feel like your time with God is rushed, and you find yourself during the day thinking back to this time, and you can’t remember what you read or what God was teaching you?

Me too.

It just seems like I’m distracted and can’t tune out the world; my mind and the laundry sitting there long enough to go deep with God. It probably doesn’t help the 4-year-old is asking me to get him this and that.

Some of the forgetfulness might also be that my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. I grew up memorizing Scripture for homework multiple times a week, but like anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

I want to be full of Scripture so that I can recall passages when life gets hard or I need some inspiration and encouragement! In order to go deeper, I need to get the word into my mind which takes time and intentionality.

Bible Verses About Marriage

So I decided for the winter months to focus a writing plan on marriage since it’s one of the most important relationships in my life. In order to stand firm in my marriage, I need to know what God says about marriage, how to keep my marriage strong, and what I need to do for God to bless my marriage.

*If you aren’t married, you can google another topic writing plan.

Why do we want to write scripture out?

Like I said above, many times when we read something, it goes in and goes out, and we can’t recall what we read even a few minutes later. When we write things out we have a higher chance of remembering what we wrote. Couple the writing with saying the verse out loud, and you’ve doubled your chances using your auditory and visual systems.

When we write out a verse, we can focus and digest each word. It’s like how a cow chews its cud; we can turn over the passage and think of it in a new light, turning it over and examining it from every angle.

When we spend time meeting with God and by writing out Scripture, we’re on the launching pad to a deeper relationship with God. Intimacy happens when we spend the time intentionally making the relationship go deeper.

Meditating isn’t only an eastern world technique, but God tells us to do it. What it means to meditate on God’s word is: we think, study, and apply what we learn through God’s teaching of the scripture to us.

We need to know the Word individually and grow in our own faith. We can’t just blindly believe what someone tells us, but we need to know the Word in our own hearts.

The Bible tells us we need to know Scripture and write it out (Deuteronomy 17:18-20).

The only way we can feel anchored to God and stable in faith regardless of what happens in life is to have the Word firmly planted deep within our minds and hearts.

How to Make God's Words Stick Bible Verses about Marriage. Do you feel like your time with God is rushed and you can't remember what you read? Writing out Bible verses about Marriage can help make them both stick! #writingplan #scripture #love #encouragement #marriage

How to begin?

  1. Identify the verses you’d like to study.
  2. Find a quiet place.
  3. Pray and ask God to open your eyes to what He wants to reveal to you and help you focus.
  4. Begin slowly writing, the emphasis is on quality over quantity.

Resources and Tips to help you

  1. A journal to write out the verses and what God reveals to you. I like having a testament to God’s blessings and revelations to go back through to see how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned. A notebook works or a specially designed journal is great also.
  2. Pens and highlighters to help you really tune into words and revelations.
  3. Be consistent as possible. Growing a deeper relationship takes time and regular commitment.
  4. The more you return to this verse and the thoughts with it throughout the day the better. Remember it’s like chewing the cud.

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Questions to ask yourself while writing out the Bible Verses about marriage :

As you work through the passages, what are you learning?

Has God revealed anything to you?

What sin is pointed out?

How does God say you can overcome this sin?

What blessing does God give?

What promise does He give?

How can I apply this Scripture?

What I’ve noticed as I’ve been spending time with God is that through learning His word and growing in His word, my marriage has gotten stronger.
As we write out these Scriptures specifically about marriage, I can’t wait to see how God blesses our marriages!


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  1. I definitely have struggled with not being able to memorize Scripture as easily as I used to! It’s funny how you can remember verses you memorized when you were 5, but not from last month! You have great tips here – I want to be better about writing out Scripture!

  2. Writing out scripture has been so valuable for me! Sometimes I write scripture as flash cards with the book, chapter and verse reference on the back so I can remember where to find it 🙂

  3. I have recently started writing out scripture to help me with food related issues. It helps me to be able to bring the scripture automatically to mind when a certain not so healthy food craving or situation takes place. I love the reflection questions you listed as well.

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