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Grow in Faith

What I Did When God Called Me to Give Up My Dream

Inside: Have you ever given up on a dream? Could the dream not be part of God’s will, but rather a human desire? In the shadow of the Christ, I reminded what my purpose here is and how much God loves me. I know His plans are better than my dream. *Disclosure: Post may contain […]

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How to Deal with Frustration as a Christian

Inside: When I find myself getting flustered, that’s my clue to choose God, His truths and promises in His word. Frustration doesn’t have to lead me away from God or keep me from growing closer to Him. *Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here. Who said that problems come in three’s? Obviously, […]

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Why Waiting Patiently is Super Important to Our Faith

Inside: Waiting patiently is an important characteristic of being a Christian. We need to be patient during suffering and trials and willingly endure our slow growth to be more Christ-like. We can learn lessons during these waiting times if we ask God for wisdom as we endure!*Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure […]

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14 Beautiful Ways Your Family Can Celebrate Lent

Inside: Do you celebrate Lent? Can I be honest, I’ve been a Christian for longer than I remember, but I didn’t know anything about Lent. When we realize the importance of Lent, we can answer the question ‘what to give up for Lent?’ We can focus and grow more like Christ through acts of worship. […]

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Can You Surrender to God Even When it Seems Irrational?

Inside: Take the next step that God is asking you to do. Surrender this decision and trust Him, this is the surrender meaning we need to follow! *Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here. A few years ago, I began feeling some inner wrestling. It’s hard to explain, but I was irritable, […]

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