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To My Sons: Marriage Is Absolutely Worth Your Wait

Inside: Why does God command that marriage is worth the wait for sex? Why should we encourage our boys to stand out and inspire waiting for marriage? This post was written to guide moms to begin the conversation with their sons about why waiting for marriage is important to their future marriage relationship! Girls. I know […]

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3 Key Elements You Need for a Successful Marriage

Inside: Want a long-lasting, great marriage? Want to know the secret of a successful marriage, we need to follow these three elements from the Bible.*Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here. Many times I question why I’m blogging, especially about marriage. I don’t have the perfect marriage, and most times, I cause […]

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How to Become Inspired When You’re a Weary Mom

Inside: Being a mom is hard and we become weary, don’t we?!? We don’t have to struggle with weariness, we can find words of encouragement from the Bible. Learn how to pray Bible verses and seek God to find renewed energy and wisdom to help parent these kids.*Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full […]

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