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How You Benefit When You Pray for Your Husband

Inside: Praying for our husband is an important practice if we want happy and healthy marriages. When we pray for our spouse, it opens the door for transformation in not only our spouse but also us.  *Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here. I messed up. Not just once or twice, but […]

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Mom, Your Faith in God Matters to Your Kids

Inside: Our faith in God as mothers shows our devotion to Christ, what we think is the best isn’t always God’s best and our legacy of faith extends farther into the future than we can imagine. Following the example of Salome, a Biblical woman of influence, we can make our faith matter. *Disclosure: Post may […]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Inside: Being a mom is a tiring, but important job. God says it’s one of the greatest callings in life. As mothers, we don’t hear a lot of gratitude from our kids. Moms deserve a day of pampering and this post includes a list for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. *Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. […]

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