Keep the Faith: How to Overcome Postpartum Depression with God

Inside: Christian moms get postpartum depression. Trust that God will refine you and grow you through this to be the women He wants you to be.

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Today I’m sharing at Surviving Toddlerhood with Rebekah. She is a new friend, but her site is jam-packed with helpful information if you have little ones at home. I wish I had had access to all the helpful tips and advice she gives on her site!

The shades were pulled down and the only light in the room was that of a small bedside lamp. The blankets and sheets on the bed looked like someone had gotten hastily up from the bed. Next to the bed was a small upholstered chair holding a lady with a mangled mess of hair,  she was grasping her knees and cryings.

What was supposed to be a joyous time became neverending hours of pain and suffering.  As she looked over into the blankets, a small almost invisible smile escaped, a new baby slept.  She looked away quickly as the tears began to flow down her face.

Have you ever found yourself in this kind of suffering? If you haven’t, I hope you never experience these feelings.

It’s common for women to experience the “baby blues” — feeling stressed, sad, anxious, lonely, tired or weepy — following their baby’s birth. But some women, up to 1 in 7, experience a much more serious mood disorder — postpartum depression. ~American Psychological Association.

Keep the Faith: How to Overcome Postpartum Depression with God. Christian moms get postpartum depression.Trust that God will refine you and grow you through this to be the woman He wants you to be. #PPD #symptoms #fightingPPD #overcomingPPD #tips

When Your Expectations Aren’t Reality:

Christian Moms get Postpartum Depression

My fifth birth was different from what I envisioned. I had been through this four other times that I had a firm grasp on what to expect. Therefore, I’d have the baby and enjoy a few days from my responsibilities and then re-join my role as mother to five kids.

The birth went perfect, but the days following the delivery, I ran into one hard thing after another.
My tailbone was injured during the delivery so all positions were painful. Breastfeeding was horrible and I soon had sores and bleeding nipples. The baby wasn’t voiding at all, so that one night, mastitis hit me hard.

Five days after baby Ethan’s birth, he had to have a frenotomy to cut his tight lip and tongue tie. Thankfully, over the next few days, he began to feed normally. However, I was still experiencing problems with my own body.

To read more follow me to Rebekah’s site!

Keep the Faith: How to Overcome Postpartum Depression with God. Christian moms get postpartum depression.Trust that God will refine you and grow you through this to be the woman He wants you to be. #PPD #symptoms #fightingPPD #overcomingPPD #tips

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  1. I know this may not sound very Christian of me but one of my pet peas is when people say, “Oh she’s just suffering baby blues.” Yes, it’s normal to go through some separation anxiety and things such as that. However, no matter how small the “blues” are they should never be treated negligently. Her spouse, her mother, etc. Should keep a close ion her to make sure she’s not slipping into postpartum depression. I’m so glad that Christians are beginning to take mental health a lot more seriously.

  2. Such good wisdom that I can tuck away to help when I encounter a new mom with PPD. Not an easy situation and one that’s often not talked about. Thanks for your transparency!

  3. Even Mary had to keep running and had no place. This whole commotion of pain and struggle didn’t change even for a woman who carried God. But HOPE! Showers strength and causes a reason to smile.

  4. This is a real condition and my heart goes out to anyone experience this. A mom’s life changes when her new baby is born in so many ways. Glad there is support and encouragement out there.

  5. I struggled after my son was born. I had horrifyingly vivid dreams of harming him. Something I would never do. But I felt like a monster just having them. He was our first child but I had just finished grad school for counseling. I knew what was going on but still felt alone and ashamed. I prayed and focused on journaling. At the time I didn’t feel like I could confide in anyone.

    1. Melissa- PPD is isolating, guilt and shame-inducing. I think bringing it out in the open is so helpful for those that struggle.

  6. Ive had many friends struggle with this. Thankful there is so much y’all about it so others don’t have to feel alone.

  7. I suffered from ppd after my second birth. Mostly lack of sleep and help. I’m glad to see Christian mamas stand up and help each other. THanks for sharing!

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