10 Christian Songs for When You Need Hope. Depression is so hard because it steals our focus and perspective. Here are ten songs about hope to offer comfort and peace for your soul! #songs #upliftingsongs #Christian #soulhealth #faith

10 Christian Songs for When You Need Hope

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Inside: Depression is so hard because it steals our focus and perspective. Here are ten songs about hope to offer comfort and peace for your soul!

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Have you ever gone through a season of depression? If you haven’t, be thankful, although research shows each of us are bound to go through a phase of it sometime in our lives.

For those of us who have been in an extended hard period, it’s one of the most difficult things to go through. It feels like darkness surrounds and nothing is colorful anymore. Everything is gray, muted and just blah.

Our drive to do anything is gone, our feelings are stuck in sadness and apathy, and we just want to hide under the covers of our bed. We can have feelings of anxiousness mixed in where we fear our life will always remain here in the valley of the shadow of death and despair.

Losing Hope

Depression is so hard because it steals our focus and perspective. #depression #hope #jesus Share on XIt’s like a blob ingests us and we can’t find our way out. We might claw at the beginning to get free but after a while, we just let ourselves sink into the bottom. All enjoyment is gone and we just survive minute by minute.

Does it mean I don’t have faith because I’m succumbing to this hard circumstance?

When I’ve been in this valley, I’ve felt like I can’t live this way anymore. I don’t want to live this way anymore, so I start trying to figure out fast ways to get out of it. When everything I tried failed, I became complacent and accepted this will be my way of life forever.

Many times my mind would drift into “I’d be better without this pain and suffering.”

God is Our only True Hope

What I’ve come to realize is that when we’re in the valley of despair, we aren’t in there alone. The devil comes mightily to try and take us down. He’s all too happy to send thoughts into our minds to help drown us deeper into the abyss. He would like nothing more than to take us out.

God tells us in His word that the devil is prowling around ready to take out the hurt and the sick. What I tend to forget is God is with me in the deep places of my life, the places where I feel broken and beyond repair.

God is able to give us the strength and power to overcome depression and the devil. We need only to remain steadfast in our faith and believe God will rescue us.

When I was depressed, I had a hard time getting into the Word or even getting the Word into my mind. I found music something that spoke to me on a greater level when I was struggling. These songs gave me hope and focus on God in the midst of the pain and suffering of depression!

10 Christian Songs About Hope

  • For Your Soul Made to Love by TobyMac

    So often we forget my purpose in my life, it’s to be loved by God and used by Him. This song reaffirms that we have worth and feelings are just feelings. God is here for us and He has been since the beginning of time.”
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon, Google Play

  • All This Time by Britt Nicole

    God never leaves us alone to deal with our pain. He is near and always available to us for comfort and peace. He holds our tears and promises to bring us through, “He’s been walking with us all this time!”
    Listen to it: YouTube , Amazon, Google Play

  • The Hurt & The Healer by Mercy Me

    Have you asked the question, “Why?” What I have learned is God’s presence reaches me so intensely during these times. In my suffering, as I endure steadfast in Him, He is glorified!
    Listen: YouTube, Amazon, Google Play

  • Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns

    Gosh, how depression makes us feel so weary and hopeless! We feel like we no longer hold can keep our life together. God reminds us that we aren’t dealing with this alone and He is near to us. He is able to help us, to carry us through and give us hope!
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon,

  • You Are More by Tenth Avenue North

  • Even though this season is here, we are not depression. We are Beloved and valuable to our Father in Heaven. We need to secure this firmly in our hearts even when we don’t feel it.
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon

  • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

    This song always comforts me, I can trust God. I can reach out to Him, call out to Him and He will rescue me! I don’t know the reason behind this season, but He knows! This suffering will ultimately honor and glorify Him.
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon

  • Overcomer by Mandisa

    Depression won’t keep us captive forever! God promises to make us overcomers to the strongholds in life. We need to ask Him for His help to conquer our chains!
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon

  • Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave

    The past is the past! God has redeemed us from our mistakes and pain. We can look forward to a new life in Him. Free from pain and depression! This is good news!
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon

  • Trust in You by Lauren Daigle

    When depression prolongs and the end doesn’t come, we can trust because God is good. His track record can be seen throughout the Bible. He is my Shepherd, Rock, and Comforter.
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon

  • Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets

    Could this brokenness make us who God wants us to be? Could this pain cause us to be compassionate and participate authentically in His Kingdom? If we are to live for Christ, this breaking of us is making us a new in Him, dependent and surrendered to the Lord of Kings!
    Listen to it: YouTube, Amazon

Keep trusting in God and He will lead us through this painful season of suffering! He will lead us and grow our faith through this time if we cling tight to Him and trust in His plans.

(Proverbs 3:5-6, NLT).

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;

    do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek his will in all you do,

 and he will show you which path to take.

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  1. I love Casting Crowns, even saw them in concert once. The lyrics to their songs always move me and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Always blessed by Christian artists and will definitely check out some of your suggestions here!

  2. “Made to love” and “oceans” are two of my faves. I do know what this is like, unfortunately. I have been there and back many, many times. God has made all the difference, and time and maturity have helped. Your graphics are lovely, btw!

  3. Love these songs and artists! I need to make a playlist for these so I can listen to them when I’m discouraged. Thanks for compiling the list!

  4. Such a sweet list of songs to uplift the heart and soul! Thank you for diligently putting together resources for those battling anxiety and depression! I always appreciate reading your posts, for encouragement and insight. I have only ever had seasons of dealing with anxiety – the most significant being following our most recent adoption. However, often times I find what you share is encouraging for whatever season I am in!

  5. I have struggled with depression, and hope is absolutely the cure. So many of these songs touch my heart on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing them. We need hope now more than ever.

  6. I can very much appreciate all that this home has to offer a family with young children! The furniture and decor is a little too “minimal” for my personal style – I do not mind a place that is happily cluttered – but it is very child-friendly while still retaining a few grown-up elements so it doesn’t feel like a playground that is ONLY for children. It was very interesting to me to study a bit of this style of decor!

  7. Christian songs almost ALWAYS help me feel at least a little better when I am feeling low. I ADORE Mandisa’s Overcomer right now!

  8. I saw the list and listened to it and they are all great songs to help me through life. My favorite is the one from mercy me. I have been struggling with borderline many years and it helps to listen to good music. Thankyou. Mirjam

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