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Inside: Do you deal with anxiety and having a cluttered home increases your anxiety? Learn 5 tips on how to decrease anxiety even when your home isn’t clutter-free.

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Have you ever woken up and been in a good mood only to walk into the kitchen or living room and start to stress out?

Dishes in the sink, toys, blankets, and food all over in places that they shouldn’t be?

Seeing any of this would stress most out, but those of us who struggle with anxiety, it can make our moos quickly escalate to “danger, she’s going to blow!”

It’s been said a clean house is equated to a clear head. Is this true for you?

I know for me when my home is clean, I just feel better and can do some of the things I enjoy doing, rather than feeling like a slave to my chores.

Caring for A Home When You’re Anxious

Here’s the deal: when someone deals with heightened anxiety in life, you’re already weary, preoccupied, and at your wit’s end dealing with the normal parts of life, and a mess at home can make you feel like you’re drowning.

We feel overwhelmed and wonder how we will accomplish what we need to in the span of the day. (What I’ve noticed is my mind makes me think it will take longer than it usually does.) If I just set out to do it, it takes less time and stressed about nothing, really.

During some of my most anxious seasons, it’s hard enough to get through the day without having to deal with my home. Even if a few things were out of order, it would launch me into the tirade that everything was falling apart.

A few socks and empty plates in the bedroom, and suddenly, I’m the worst mom and wife there was.

Anxiety can sure take us down!

For many of us, not only do we deal with anxiety, but some perfectionism might be thrown in there for good measure. So even if a friend was to come to our home and say how clean and neat it is, we can’t see past it because it isn’t perfect in our minds.

So we put even more stress and expectations on ourselves to have everything orderly and in the correct place.

We forget about the word grace and how to cover ourselves with it especially during those most anxious times.

Anxiety and the Cluttered Home

I don’t know about you, but my house would be so much easier to keep organized and clean if I didn’t have so much stuff.

There’s a vicious cycle happening for many of us when it comes to our homes. Clutter triggers anxiety and anxiety triggers clutter.

Think about it. When we’re anxious we can’t focus, and we’re preoccupied with the off feelings and symptoms of anxiety that we can’t get it all done in our home, but then the clutter and misplaced objects lying around causes us more anxiety.

It’s a train that is hard to get off of. Once again, I remind us to apply grace to the situation. What is truly important? Once we let our anxiety run its course, we can again return to the clutter.

Where is Your Focus?

Being a Christian woman, where I put my focus really dictates how every day will turn out. It’s especially true during my anxious seasons.

If I allow myself to focus on my issues and problems, I become stuck, and I’m really not able to accomplish much during the day.

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