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Inside: Want to feel better? Are you sick of feeling sick and tired? Change your health one product at a time. Take these baby steps!

Inside: Have you ever felt like God wasn’t hearing (or answering) your prayers? Are you desperate for an answer? Here are a few tips and encouragement for you!


A few days ago, I was in the Word and something jumped out to me.

A word right there in the footnotes of my NLT Bible.

I might have missed it had I not been reading the footnotes. I’m sure I have overlooked this chapter in Nehemiah also.

The word was always, and I don’t know why it hit me so hard.

I closed my Bible and meditated on it for the rest of the day. It really struck a chord with my heart that day. It was like a wallop to my heart!

God always answers prayer!

How often do we find ourselves praying and praying and feeling like God hasn’t answered prayer?

I know I have….and many times I ask, “why aren’t you answering it?

But God always answers it, so maybe He already did or perhaps it’s coming.

According to God’s Word, He always gives His answer.

Just like little children, we want our Heavenly Father to give us a yes whenever we have a request.

Isn’t that the truth! 

I want this, and please fulfill my desires. Thank you!

Our Prayer Requests: When We are Desperate for An Answer

My five kids have gotten good at having desires and wanting me to fulfill their requests. And because I love them, I try and do my best. 

However, sometimes, it’s just not feasible whether it’s timing, cost-prohibitive, or it’s just not a good thing for them.

Let’s have a pity party right now…

It’s hard when we can’t or don’t get what we want. We feel like it’s not fair, we deserve it, and because we want it, we should get it.

(If you’re a parent, saying no and exhibiting temper tantrums or silent treatment is real. But how often do we as adults act the same way to God?!?)

Did that make you feel better? I feel better now!

God loves us so much more than we can even love our children. (Remember He’s the one who invented love!)

(And He wants the best for us, so we know He will give us what He thinks is right and in our best interest!)

3 Ways God Answers Our Prayers

The answer is Yes!

We are in tune with God’s heart, and we ask for things that line up with His will, and He answers yes.

I want to be so in tune with God that I am able to ask for the same things He has planned for me in HIs will!

When our children ask for things that line up with what we desire for them, don’t we feel joyful and in tune with our kids?

“Atta boy!”

And we are overjoyed that our kids are getting it! High five!

The answer is no. 

Honestly, this is hard to accept.

Who wants to be told, no!

The bigger the desire, the harder for the decision to be no.

A “no” is still an answer to prayer even when we don’t like or can’t accept this answer!

Can I share something with you?

A few years ago, I wanted another baby. I desired six children.

I wanted to love another wee one, and I prayed for two years and the desire was overwhelming, 

However, my last pregnancy and birth were not good. The postpartum time wasn’t good either, and I asked God to transform my heart to accept what God wanted.

It took a few years, but I have accepted His no, and I really do believe that God knew what we needed.

God answers grow!

Delayed answers aren’t a no, but God needs us to grow or circumstances to change for it to be the right time!. I said a no felt like a hard decision, but this delay is hard for this impatient person!

A no right now isn’t a no in the future, and that requires a lot of faith and trust. 

The Key to Answered Prayer

Even though a no and a delay really stink when we are asking for a specific answer to our prayers, they are still answers.

The key to getting these three types of answers is believing God hears us, answers us, and gives us the outcomes that are best for us.

Many times, it has felt like God hasn’t answered my prayers, but I think I have not really believed that He will answer them.

So if I’m doubting He will, even if He did answer, I might have missed it.

Faith is where it all begins! If we don’t have faith we are going to miss answers and even getting in communion to what God’s will is.

I don’t know about you, but Biblical examples always inspire and comfort me since this girl right here is a hot-mess-express most days!

Desperate For An Answer

I was reading in the book of Nehemiah a few days ago, and Nehemiah was desperate!

He wanted to get the people back to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem. Nehemiah saw a complicated situation and needed to take action!

He began with prayer, and that changed everything.

How many of us begin with prayer?

The king said to me, “What is it you want?”

Then I prayed to the God of heaven,

Nehemiah didn’t know where to start in this situation, but He knew where to go to get wisdom and insight! 

My footnotes say, “Nehemiah prayed at any time. He knew that God is always in charge, is always present, and hears and answers every prayer.”

I don’t know about you, but I want to pray with that much confidence when times are hard.

God is always in charge.

He is always present!

Our Father hears and answers every prayer!

These words give me some pep in my step and reaffirmation to keep praying and trusting.

He has got my life (and He has an answer for every request I make!)

“God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.” ~John Wesley

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