How to Embrace Grace and Overcome your Past

Inside:  What is grace? Here’s an amazing truth: at our worst, God accepts us. He treasures us and loves us. Tips on how to embrace grace and overcome your past!

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How to Embrace Grace and Overcome your Past. We can forget the worst of the past with god's grace. We don't need to live life looking in the rearview mirror but grasp hold of the transformation God can give us. Tips and ways to embrace the Lord's grace to forget and get over the pain of the past.

I was so homesick, and I begged to come home from my first semester of college; it was not what I had envisioned. Leaving familiar and finding myself with a challenging roommate only added to my longing for home.

My boyfriend (later husband) was back home, and so was my heart. I had justified in my mind that I was not cut out for dorm life, but convincing others was another story. Desperate and heartbroken, I pleaded my case throughout my first semester.

I was allowed back home without any sympathy, and I wasn’t embraced with grace.

I didn’t fulfill expectations.

First, I had blown what was desired of me, and I returned, experiencing the let-down of what I hadn’t achieved.

Second, my family members’ plans had to be both changed and rearranged.

Finally, I had to apply to a new college and figure out how I would commute without a car. Honestly, I started to feel that I had indeed screwed up and affected everyone’s lives. Guilt and shame began to cloud my thoughts.

Have you ever really blown it? Have you failed to meet another’s expectations?

Those closest to us have a habit of reminding us of our lack of achievements and past failings.

What is Grace?

In Luke 15:11, Jesus tells the parable of the lost son.

The younger son decided that he wanted his fortune now instead of waiting for the death of his father, which was a pretty arrogant and heartless act on his part. He was greedy for what he would eventually get, but he didn’t have the patience to wait. This action was a public embarrassment. Who gets the inheritance before death?

The son packed up and went away to spend his money in wild living. Soon, a famine descended, and the young boy was broke.  He was forced to get a job with pigs and was so desperate that he licked his lips at the pigs’ food.

Pigs were considered “unclean” for eating; even feeding them was a disgrace. The young son fell so low that all he wanted was what the pigs ate.

The son reminisced about his father and his past life and decided to return to his dad, even offering himself as a servant.

As the young son returned to his former home, his father saw him. The father became excited and ran to him.  This gesture was against everyone’s expectations. Wouldn’t we have been mad and greeted our son with the silent treatment?

Instead, dad threw a party, dressed his son in the finest, and embraced his son with grace.

The Grace We Long for

Isn’t this our longing? No matter what bad decisions we make, or how far we journey from home, we can always come back home and be received with love?

But in reality, this isn’t what we find in our sinful world. We are often welcomed with rejection, hard feelings, and burnt bridges. It is no wonder that we are afraid to return after we’ve journeyed far from home and made huge mistakes.

When we make mistakes that feel unforgivable, we wonder if God could ever actually accept and love us?

Can I let you in on a joy-filled promise?  This father in the parable, it’s actually our Heavenly Father. When we return, God rejoices. However far you’ve journeyed, whatever low you find yourself in, He will embrace you with grace.

His mercy and grace remove and replace all your mistakes, guilt, and shame.

Whatever low we fall to, God’s grace pours in not only to raise us up but give us hope to continue.

How to Embrace Grace and Overcome your Past. We can forget the worst of the past with god's grace. We don't need to live life looking in the rearview mirror but grasp hold of the transformation God can give us. Tips and ways to embrace the Lord's grace to forget and get over the pain of the past.

Why Grace Should Change a Christian’s Life

What are the gifts of grace?

  • Jesus’ death on the cross made us right with God.
  • When we were at our lowest, God came to save us.
  • Not guilty is God’s verdict to us.
  • God draws close to us, and we have a friendship with the Creator of the Universe.
  • The same power of the Resurrection is available to us.
  • We triumph over sin and death through Jesus.
  • As our sin increases so does God’s grace to cover it.
  • When we stumble, God lifts us back up.
  • We have a new life and can leave our sinful old selves behind.
  • New freedom awaits when we commit to Christ.
  • We should deserve death, but through Jesus, we have eternal life.

Embrace Grace and Overcome Your Past

We need our Father because we often journey away again and again; however, grace envelopes us each time.

The shame of anxiety– forgotten.

A parenting mistake- erased.

Addiction– never remembered again.

(Add in what past regret and mess you’ve made.)

Grace is amazing, isn’t it?

The son in the parable didn’t deserve it, and neither do we, but this is the gift of grace.

Have you journeyed far from God? Do you think He won’t accept you?

Here’s a surprising truth: at our worst, He accepts us. He treasures and loves us. He is running to us, excited and ready to embrace us. Even when our hands are empty, and we have nothing to give Him, he embraces us with His grace.

This is great news, isn’t it?

A life-changing transformation starts when we realize that we can do nothing but embrace this grace. Although we’ve run far, God waits for our return to give us gifts that we don’t deserve. God’s whole mission is here, in a nutshell: we waste and wander, yet He waits and weaves our past into something that changes us and glorifies Him.

Are you wondering if I finished college? During my four years of college, I married the sophomore year and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. My daughter was born five months after I graduated. God’s grace embraced me.

What past mistake is God nudging you to let go? Will you accept His gift of grace?

How to Embrace Grace and Overcome your Past. We can forget the worst of the past with god's grace. We don't need to live life looking in the rearview mirror but grasp hold of the transformation God can give us. Tips and ways to embrace the Lord's grace to forget and get over the pain of the past. #movingforward #forgiveness #How #motivation #God #families

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35 thoughts on “How to Embrace Grace and Overcome your Past

  1. Girl– I get the college homesick thing… I made it the whole year and then came dragging home… but this gives me hope —> we waste and wander, yet He waits and weaves our past into something that changes us and glorifies Him. ♥ Loving your grace-filled post today ♥

  2. Julie, I’m thinking right now that without this truth, we will never really move forward. My heart goes out to those who are stuck and have not received the gift of grace. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  3. Thanks for this beautiful reminder about grace! As I started your post, it immediately reminded me of a time when I deeply disappointed my parents. My fiancé (now husband) and I had agreed we would wait until I finished college to marry, but he was a year ahead of me and despite summer school coursework I could not totally catch up. He had received an officer’s commission in the U.S. Marine Corps at graduation and immediately left for Quantico, VA. It was hard to see him go and we soon realized the best option to be sure of a wedding date was to be married six months later at Christmas when he would have two weeks leave. I would still have one quarter of college to finish. I talked with my parents about the date, but I also agreed to stay and finish that quarter after he left for his duty station. They agreed to the Christmas wedding and he left on New Year’s Day for North Carolina. When he called me at my dorm where I was miserable a short two weeks later, he said he had been able to get married housing so it would be ready for me when I arrived the end of March. I was certain I could not handle waiting that long so we decided that I would drop out of school and join him in NC and promised my parents I would still finish. It was a hard thing to tell my parents and very hard for them to hear. I am not sure they believed me, but God was in the mix of it all. Not long after I arrived in NC, we learned my husband would be leaving on a five month deployment for five months beginning in June. I returned to my home in Ohio and finished my degree and kept my promise to my parents by graduating in August. What we did not know at the time was that even though he would return in November, he would be sent to CA and then Vietnam in February and we would be apart for 14 months. If I had not made the decision to leave school and have those few months with him before the first deployment, I am sure his long time away in Vietnam would have been even harder. Blessings on your day!!

    1. Pam- thank you for sharing your story! I’m glad you followed your heart. God can lead us even though others don’t understand.

  4. Beautiful! This is what I wish I had known in college. My mistakes didn’t send me running for home, but they did make me think I was no longer return to my Heavenly Father. I pray every child knows this before they leave home, especially mine! Blessings!

  5. “Here’s a surprising truth: at our worst, He accepts us”….. “A life changing transformation starts when we realize that we can do nothing but embrace this grace.”

    Wow! Julie what powerful truth you shared today so eloquently! <3 Misty

  6. I appreciate your story and heart, Julie. I felt this way for many reasons…not believing I could face people or situations. Shame held heavy over me for years. God is like the father in this story and it makes me just want to dance when I think about how he lavishes his love on us when we don’t feel worthy.

  7. Feeling a bit convicted tonight – I think I needed to extend a little grace this week and failed to do so.

    I loved your post. God’s grace is so unbelievable. We are all so blessed.



  8. What a lovely story! Homesickness is real and hard! I didn’t get homesick in college (I could commute home on the weekends), but it hit me SUPER hard in grad school. I’m glad you got through it and came out the other side stronger!

    1. Amanda- nice to meet you! Yes, homesickness is real! I wish at the time I was spending time in the Word, it would have made a huge difference!

  9. Oh! I love the story of the prodigal son. It represents us all. I’ve done some terrible wandering…but God always embraces me when I return. Thank God I return and His grace is sufficient for my life. His redemption is beyond measure and understanding and I am so very humbled by it every single day! <3 Thank you for reminding me of the supernatural grace that has been poured on my life!

  10. The more I come to understand God’s grace the more I humbled I am. The result is a greater love and desire to seek Him and be used to glorify Him! Such a great post, Julie!

  11. I experience God’s grace every day of my life. Anytime I stumble on his word I would ask him for forgiveness and he forgives me without counting the number of times I have failed Him. He is such a loving Father.

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