Let’s Demystify the Gift of Prophetic Encouragement. Do you know what prophetic encouragement is? Maybe when you hear the word you think of something 'new age?" Prophetic encouragement has its root in Biblical times! #PropheticEncouragment #BeTheGift #ChosenBooks #encouragement #book #bibleverses

Let’s Demystify the Gift of Prophetic Encouragement

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Inside: Do you know what prophetic encouragement is? Maybe when you hear the word you think of something ‘new age?” The Bible is full of encouragement verses!

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Today I have the pleasure of inviting Debbie Kitterman to Unmasking the Mess. I recently was able to preview her new book, “The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement!” Honestly, I didn’t know anything about this topic.

Debbie was able to draw me in at the Introduction and keep me reading. I’m hoping to put a lot of what she suggests in the book into my own spiritual life. I’d like to grow deeper in my relationship with God and increase my ability to hear Him.

Enjoy Debbie’s post!

I was excited and nervous as I walked into the room. Considering it was a last-minute opportunity, I had prepared for this moment to the best of my ability, or so I had thought.

I took a deep breath, straightened my suit jacket and said a silent prayer as I walked into my appointment.

This was my opportunity to share my message with an agent.  I felt like God had opened this spot for me to meet with him even though, I had just started writing the book. 

I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I was passionate about sharing the message God had given me.  Never in a million years did it occur to me that he, that they, wouldn’t understand what I was talking about.  (More on this in a minute, I promise.)

Your Message

Have you ever been there?  Excited and passionate about sharing your message, the message God has given you, only to find people really don’t understand what you are saying?

It really stinks.  Especially when you are a people pleaser and want everyone to like you. <insert a Cough, & clearing throat > I mean recovering people pleaser.

That day, over 8 years ago was the first opportunity I had to pitch my book topic.  Little did I know, at the time, the word “Prophetic” means different things to different people.

As I sat in the room that day, I pitched my idea to a brand new literary agent and a more seasoned one in the company.  They both looked at me, and said, “so you are talking about prophecy as in end times, apocalyptic stuff?”

“Uhm, no,” I responded while my mind was screaming “haven’t you been listening to anything I just said?”

So, I went on to explain some more.  “Oh,” the more seasoned agent said, “You are talking about prophecy and predicting the future then?”

“Uhm, no” I again responded.

While prophecy, in general, has some of those aspects that was NOT what I was talking about.

Silently praying, I pleaded for Jesus to give me the right words to penetrate the wall that seemed to be between what I was speaking and what they were hearing.

I needed to demystify the spiritual gift of prophecy I was talking about and overcome some obstacles in wrong thinking.

The Meaning of Prophecy

Obviously, there is a lot of emotion, misuse, abuse and misunderstanding around the words “prophetic”, and “prophecy.”  These words make some people uncomfortable. Some people run for the hills at the mention of these words, while others are drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

I get it.  Growing up, I didn’t know much about these words, and didn’t really know what the Bible taught about it.  When I asked my youth pastor, I was told, our denomination didn’t believe that prophecy was a gift for today, along with some of the other more outspoken gifts listed in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.

This sent me on a journey of searching for more.  I wanted to go deeper in the things of the Lord. I wanted a deep, authentic relationship with the Father like Jesus modeled. 

I am an encourager to my core and take very seriously the calls to action in Scripture.  We are told to encourage one another and build each other up every day. (1 Thess. 5:11; Hebrew 3:13)

Encouragement is something we all need, and exactly what Jesus asks us to do for others. I believe we can change our world one encouraging word at a time.

Jesus and Prophetic Encouragement

As we read the Scriptures, we see Jesus modeled this spiritual gift of prophecy everywhere He went. He operated in the gift of prophetic encouragement.  He didn’t make it weird, He just spoke the Father’s heart, in love.

When He met the woman at the well, He spoke words of life, love and hope.  His words were encouraging and truthful. His words to her opened up a whole community believing and receiving the gospel message Jesus had come to bring.  (John 4:39)

The gift of prophetic encouragement is what Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 14:  It’s purpose is clear.  To encourage, comfort, and strengthen those who receive it. And, it’s for ALL!  This is a gift, that Paul tells us to eagerly desire.  It is a necessary gift.  It is a gift that can change the world and atmosphere around us.

This is why I wrote the book, The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement.

The spiritual gift of prophecy is to be approachable!  Jesus was approachable.  We are to be approachable. Everyone needs encouragement.  Jesus modeled what it meant to have a deep authentic relationship with the Father. 

The Father (God) spoke to Jesus and told Him the words to speak to others.  Thereby Jesus was operating in the Gift of Prophetic Encouragement: Hearing the Words of God for Others. Jesus was a gift.  The words He spoke carried life and touched the driest places in people’s lives.  Jesus is calling us to #BeTheGift of encouragement others need today.

The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement

Buy “The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement” here: https://amzn.to/2Mqnmip

To get Pre-order Bonuses go here: http://debbiekitterman.com/gift-of-prophetic-encouragement/

About The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement: Hearing the Words of God for Others

“The gift of prophetic encouragement is a necessary gift, one that the Church is in great need of during these last days.”—from the foreword by Wayne Cordeiro, president, New Hope Christian College; author, The Divine Mentor

The book clears away the confusion about the prophetic gift today, pastor and ministry leader Debbie Kitterman reveals the good news about the gift of prophecy in this practical, powerful book: We are all prophetic because we all have direct access to God.

Prophecy is an ordinary part of the Christian life. In fact, it is God’s way for us to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ.

So, open your ears to hear God and break out of your comfort zone to deliver His messages to those who need them most. Act now—His words can’t wait!

Debbie Kitterman is an author, speaker, pastor, and the founder of Dare 2 Hear, a ministry training individuals in hearing the voice of God. She is a breath of fresh air with a down-to-earth teaching style. As a prophetic encourager, she partners with churches and individuals to realize their God potential. Debbie is passionate about people claiming their God-given inheritance. Her teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible.

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