How to Live Life Full of Worth Because Jesus Loves You

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Inside: Christian woman, you need to live a life full of worth in Jesus because you are precious, unique, blessed, important and Jesus loves you.

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I’m sharing at a new friend’s site, Living Free Indeed. My friend, Dani Munoz, has an awesome site. I love how Dani inspires me to find the freedom we have in Christ.

As I entered the community family room, I noticed the snow-white hair of the men and women sitting on couches, chairs and some in wheelchairs.

The recognizable song filled my ears and without having to look at the t.v. I knew Jeopardy was on. I immediately thought my choice of clothing was picked too hastily as the temperature in the room was very warm.

Sitting across the room on the beige couch, was a petite lady dressed in purple, her white hair was pulled back into a chignon, and her lips were a shade of magenta pink.

She was stunningly beautiful and stood out from the rest of the residents. I had to talk to her.

After a few visits, Ruby and I became friends. 

What struck me the most was not only her boldness of faith but her quiet inner confidence. Her husband, family, and friends loved her greatly. As these visits continued, I wondered what made Ruby such a special lady.

One time, I think she shared with me the reason she was special. She knew Jesus loved her and needed to tell me (and you) that Jesus loves you!

Jesus Loves You

Her name was not only beautiful but how she had lived her life was a testament to God’s definition of the significance of a ruby.

God tells us in His word that,

10 Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?

She is more precious than rubies (Proverbs 31:10, NLT).


Why You Need to Start Living Loved. How to Live Life Full of Worth in Jesus.  A Christian woman needs to live life knowing her full worth in Jesus because she is precious, unique, blessed, important and confident in her calling. #beloved #chosen #worthy #Godlovesyou

What does it mean to be full of worth in Jesus?

If Christian women are full of worth in Jesus, and more precious than a ruby, what makes them so precious?

Rubies are unique

I don’t know about you, but I thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Rubies, however, are not only more expensive but are extremely rare.

In a world filled with many women, the Christian woman who has Christ dwelling within her, abiding His calling on her life, and surrendering to His plans is also exceedingly rare.

Rubies Have a Passionate Red Glow

Rubies were so brilliant that only kings could wear them. The darker the shade of red, the more the worth. Christ’s spilling of blood on the cross gives the Christian woman new life – the passion for sharing the Saving News with others. As the woman grows in faith, her desire for God and her ability to shine grows deeper, and the glow gives off more light.

The color and brightness of a ruby makes them treasured.

God chooses us before conception. God knows all the inner workings within and wants her for His purpose because of her uniqueness. She grows and becomes more virtuous as she experiences the good and bad of life and ultimately all of her life showcases His glory.

To read the rest of this post, follow me to Dani’s site.

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  1. This is such a great post! I hopped over to Dani’s site and commented over there about the my thoughts and reflections of the post! I only hope I can be a Ruby someday!

  2. A lot of women don’t believe that they are loved because they have never actually been loved by anyone on this earth. So there is no way to grasp something that they have no experience with. They also believe that if they have been brutalized, that God chose not to protect them. The truth is that God is with us in the midst of the horror, and the pressure and heat of the furnace is what makes us diamonds.

  3. Yes, the inner confidence that comes from knowing that I am loved by the Father. May we rest content in our identity in Him and seek no other validation!

  4. So interesting! I had never thought of rubies in that way and how we are a rarity in a world full of bling. May our sparkle reflect God’s goodness.

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