Book Review- Glory Days by Max Lucado

Today I wanted to do something different. I have shelves upon shelves of Christian books that have impacted my faith life.  I decided to do a book review on some books in the upcoming months. Reading a good book, but also something which can propel my faith-life is a win-win scenario.

Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now

by Max Lucado

This book is from the Nonfiction Christian genre.

The theme of the book comes from the book of Joshua in the Bible.

The Israelites have just left Egypt. They have been enslaved for hundreds of years. They are in the wilderness because they haven’t followed God’s direction. By choice, they are living life out in discouragement and disengagement.

They want life to be better but they’ve fallen into the trap that God isn’t enough. The Israelites miss out on the best in the wilderness because they are trying to live a life apart from God. How soon they forget God’s goodness and mercy.

Our Best Days are Ahead Us

The book of Joshua shows us that our best days are ahead. We need to lean on God, remember His goodness and promises, and step forward expecting a great future holding God’s hand.

This book shows a correlation between the Israelites and our lives as Christians. Each area represents a condition of life.

Egypt is where enslavement happens. We are kept under ball and chain. This season is our life before salvation.

The wilderness is where we trudge through daily life, fearful of the past but also fearful of the future. We wonder if God is faithful and if He will keep His promises. In this season, we become defeated in our Christian walk.

We find the life we were meant to live in Canaan, our promised land.  God is our all-in-all as we walk in faith. We grasp tightly to the promise of an inheritance and the victory that was won for us on the cross.

Did you know that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead is available to each of us?

It’s our choice. Do we want a better life or are we fine staying in the mundane?

I really liked this book. Max Lucado uncovered Joshua and I was amazed at what I had missed when I read it in the past. Reading this book really sparked my desire to want to claim my Canaan and begin living the “Glory Days.” I don’t want to live the normal, Christian life, but an extraordinary faith-filled life.

Keys to this type of transition

  • Overcoming I can’t: “Victory was certain because victory was God’s” (p18).
  • The importance of reading God’s Word: “But it wasn’t enough for Joshua to possess Scripture. God wanted Scripture to possess Joshua” (p29).
  • We’re OK even when we aren’t OK: “Our mess will become music, and God will have a heaven full of rescued Rahabs in his symphony” (p46).
  • Trusting God-confidence in Him even in fearful moments.”It was the smallest steps, but with God the smallest step of faith can activate the mightiest of miracle” (p53).

…and the list continues.

Marvelous Faith

The book lays out points pertinent to foraging ahead from mundane to marvelous faith.

Your promised land is here on Earth. (Earth is a foretaste of Heaven, minus all struggles, evil, and sin.)  We can live a joyful life here in the midst of the problems that surround us. You will find you are closest to your inheritance when you are being you.

Grasp that!

We long to be like someone else, but God wants us to be us. He has uniquely designed us for the calling He has for us. Max says this regarding our purpose: “A beauty that longs to be revealed and released” (p142).

We need to be faithful in the gifts God has given us. Not with the gifts God has given another person. We shouldn’t want to fit in with other Christians but aim to stand out from them. Here is where you find your call.

“When you stand at the intersection of your skill and God’s call, you are standing at the corner of Promised Land Avenue and Glory Days Boulevard” (p142).

Will you join me and step out? Disgruntled and defeated Christian is here no longer.

Your sister in Christ,


Find out more about Max Lucado here and to buy Glory Days.

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    1. Carolina- I hope you enjoy it. I was underlining and taking notes. I want to find my promised land here on Earth.

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