4 Sustaining Promises When You're Worn Out in Life. We want to just be done with the season of waiting. God gives us sustaining promises in His word when we are worn out. We will find renewal through Him. #feelingworn-out #tired #God #life #Bibleverses

God, I’m Weary, am I Done Yet?

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Inside: We want to just be done with the seasons of exhaustion- this is the worn-out meaning. However, God gives us sustaining promises in His word.
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4 Sustaining Promises When You're Worn Out in Life. We want to just be done with the season of waiting. God gives us sustaining promises in His word when we are worn out. We will find renewal through Him. #feelingworn-out #tired #God #life #Bibleverses


About ten years ago, I had to get braces on my bottom teeth. The worst part of the whole ordeal was making the impressions for the braces. While reclined in an orthodontist chair, I had to keep a mouthful of toothpaste-like substance in my mouth. I kept asking if I was done yet because I was so uncomfortable.

The toothpaste in my mouth lasted a long time. I couldn’t swallow, so I just had to wait.
All I could fixate on was swallowing.  I need to swallow now, and the pounding heart rate started up with me, I can’t wait.

Am I done yet?

Time went so slow, and my impatience was increasing.

 Worn-Out Meaning

Isn’t that how it feels when we’ve spent an extended period in the waiting for God?

The meaning of worn-out is: exhausted or used up by or as if by wear (Merriam-Webster).

Everything in us wants to scream I can’t do this any longer. Time is slowly advancing, and impatience is increasing by leaps and bounds. We don’t or can’t hold on any longer.

Am I done yet?

We want to just be done with it. We want an intermission and then high-tail out of this season.

Doesn’t it feel like God is being mean when He keeps us in this extended time period, especially when we feel so worn-out?

Here’s the thing, when our attitude stinks, it gives Satan a foot in the door Click To Tweet

Then Satan begins to lead us into the valley of self-pity, depression, and indifference about our life. Satan is all out ready for attack when we descend into the barren lands.

 God, I'm Weary, am I done Yet? We want to just be done with the hard seasons. Isn't that how we get when we're frustrated by problems? God, am I done yet?

God’s Not Done Yet

God pushes us to our breaking points, so we can dig deep into His strength.

The course of a lifetime of experiences is where we find wisdom and insight. How do you think Christians mature (and it doesn’t have to do with physical age)?

We become mature from what we experience in our Christian walk. A key point to remember is the waiting and worn-out seasons are where we get the experience.

In other words, we continue on with grit in our teeth, walking by faith, but expectant that God is leading us and holding our hand.

Maturing comes through learning. I often wonder how Paul accepted the circumstances he encountered. Singing while being in prison is just one example. When I spent a little time thinking about this passage, the word jumped out at me.

 I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. (Philippians 4:12, NLT).

 Did you see it? He learned how to be content. Christian Paul wasn’t reborn content, rather his circumstances taught him contentment. Paul needed to grow into a mature Christian.

To become a mature Christian requires God teaching me. Click To Tweet

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The Lessons in the Waiting

During these periods, what is God trying to say to me as I dwell there?

1. Is God pointing out a heart issue that needs some work?
2. Do I need to forget the past?
3. Do I need to extinguish fear, worry, doubt?
4. Does an idol in my life need to be toppled?
5. Am I self-centered or God-centered?

God always teaches us a lesson in these seasons, if we expectantly look for His wisdom.

(2 Samuel 15:28, NLT). 28 I will stop at the shallows of the Jordan River and wait there for a report from you.”

When we are dwelling in the boonies, we need to remember God is at work. We want to see the action happening, don’t we?

If we could see the assembly line of change than we could accept the time frame.

Since we can’t see anything happening and only feel the frustration and exhaustion, it’s hard to walk in faith.

God Wanted David to Grow

I’ve brought up David before because I love that He wasn’t afraid to be gut honest with God.

I catch myself agreeing with David feeling’s so many times.

 David echoes how I’ve felt when I was there in the waiting and worn-out time,

I am exhausted from crying for help;
    my throat is parched.
My eyes are swollen with weeping,
    waiting for my God to help me (Psalm 69:3, NLT).

4 Tips When We’re Waiting:

1. Realize Jesus is with us, and He is cheering us on. (remember we are maturing into a better Christian).
2. Read the Word, be intentional and consistent with your prayers.
3. Remember God will sustain.
4. Remain hopeful and God will renew our strength.

25 The Lord is good to those who depend on him,
    to those who search for him.
26 So it is good to wait quietly
    for salvation from the Lord (Lamentations 3:25-26, NLT).

This season will not go to waste. This experience will grow you in many ways and give you the experience to mature into the Christian who God wants you to be.


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  1. I absolutely love this, Julie. I have been meaning to stop by and read here. Something always comes up. My phone even rang twice while I sat down to eat and read. I turned it on silent and flipped it over and kept reading. I am glad because I needed this tonight. Especially the Lamentations verse spoke directly to my heavy heart. I know this truth but His word is so important to eat up to remind myself, when the world wants us to scarf down all the other stuff, and the hopelessness it offers. I am sharing today!

    1. Meg- isn’t it funny how we know this, but it’s like we forget it and find refreshment when we hear it again. I’m so glad I was able to encourage you! Praying your heavy heart turns into a happier one soon!

  2. There’s something about being told NOT to do something that makes us convulsively want to do it (especially when the thing NOT to do is swallow!). Thank you for the great tips for making it through the dark places–fixating of Jesus is much more productive than fixiating on my situation!

    1. Anita- Yes, or to stop thinking about something. It’s like a strong magnet and we begin thinking about it!
      I hope the tips were helpful!

  3. Without the wilderness, we would really be quite surface level people, wouldn’t we! As much as it hurts, it does refine us. It deepens our walk, our faith, and our hope! Thanks, friend, for always sharing such beautiful hope at #MomentsofHope! I am always encouraged when I get to stop by here and read the words of your heart. You are a blessing!

    1. Lori- I hope you aren’t missing sleep staying up reading this. It says 1:13 am;)

      Thank you for being such a great cheerleader to me!

  4. Julie, I “stumbled” upon your blog today and am so grateful! I say “stumbled” because it was absolutely a grace filled gift from God! I just had a conversation late last night about my weariness, my frustration with God for being in this same wilderness for so long. Why does God gives us these intense desires in our heart to only remain unfulfilled. I know God doesn’t do that… but that was my heart crying out. Thank you for speaking out EXACTLY how I felt. Your words were salve to an open wound. I look forward to reading more from you. If you have any tips or experience about walking through Foster Care… please share!

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