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Inside: Do you ever wonder if God really knows, really sees? I’m going to show you how God sees us and how that changes life!

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Its been a long time since I’ve sat down and wrote a post. I’ve tried to many times but the last year has had me distracted. I bet you’ve been distracted too… a lot of things have been happening in the world.

After writing some notes and sitting on them the last two weeks, today was the day I wanted to share with you what God has been putting on my heart.

I wanted to share with you a silly story but its anchored to a promise. That promise is that God sees you. 

The Egg Carton

About a week or two ago, I can’t even remember that’s how the weeks have been going. I’m currently homeschooling three kids and the plan was to just have one home because of the chaos of the world but low and behold I have three.
So that’s where I’ve spend most of my day, trying to rope them into learning.

Anyway, if you’ve followed me long enough, you might know I walk the trails around my property. On these walks, I get most of my ideas and hear from God the most. It’s a time to get away from the distractions and just be with God. 

On this particular day, I was in the deep throes of what is happening in the States and my mind was preoccupied and I was feeling frustrated and a little sad. You can probably relate, huh?

I was walking past our chicken coop and thought to myself that I had forgotten to bring something to get all the eggs. My hat or making my jacket into a pouch works but I wasn’t ready to try and wrestle that that day.

Now, in Wisconsin in January, most days you have a lot of clothes on to stay warm against the winter. Today was no different, I had snow boots and a few layers on, so to go back inside to grab something would be a feat (I’d have to remove boots etc.)

A feat I didn’t want to take on this particular day! So under my breath I was telling myself of my foolishness because I had thought of this before I put on all the layers.

As I was walking our trail which had a new 6-8 inches of snow, I saw something in a snow bank. 

As I bent down to remove it, it was a Styrofoam empty egg container. 

This might not sound like a big deal, but it had snowed recently, and our trails don’t usually have garbage/ egg cartons littering the trail as we pick them up.

God Sees Us

I had just thought of this need I had (container for getting eggs) and it appeared.

It reaffirmed that God had heard a need and met my need. 

Now don’t think this happens often at least so obviously, the fact I’m writing about it is clue that it was directly in my face that day. I was also feeling worn-down and a little despairing for the world around me.

But maybe it does and I’m just too distracted to notice it? (What a shame that is!)

What this little story proved to me albeit by a egg carton is God sees me and knows exactly what I’m going through. (And He sees and knows what you are going through too, friend!)

Now this doesn’t mean I can want a burger and it will appear in the snow but I’m also going to say, don’t put anything past God. 

Go Back to the Bible

Let’s check out a story from the Bible!

In the book of Genesis 16:13, we learn of Hagar, an Egyptian slave, and her problems.

You see, Abram was married to Sarai but at that point, she couldn’t have children. This was a big deal back then because women could be shamed for the inability to produce offspring and heirs were super important.

It was a common practice to offer the female servants to produce children as the children born to a female servant were considered the children of the wife.

So Sarai offered Hagar to Abram and she became pregnant (Sarai must have got impatient waiting for God to honor His promise of making Abram a great nation!)

All I can think of is this creating problems…two women, one man, kids…yikes!

Since Hagar is pregnant and her female master isn’t, she started to treat Sarai with disrespect. Sarai complained to Abram and he told her to deal with it.

So Sarai treated Hagar even worse and she ran away.

God Saw Hagar (God Sees You Too)

Here’s the deal, Hagar didn’t run off to the the nearest Hilton hotel, remember, this is in the Middle East which is desert and wilderness at this time.

Hagar finds herself in the wilderness while being pregnant. Imagine that picture right now.

A hopeless situation as I imagine myself in the wilderness pregnant.

Hagar is lost, invisible to the people who mattered in her life, dispensable, and defenseless.

Until the angel of the Lord appears.

Check Out the Bible

Let’s read these verses together: