A Powerful Prayer When My Heart is Broken

Inside: When life throws me circumstances that wound my heart, I might believe God doesn’t love me. The truth is when my heart is broken, God will heal me.

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How We let God Mend our Hearts. When life throws us circumstances that wound our hearts, we might believe God doesn’t love us. The truth is when my heart is broken, God will heal me. #bibleverses #gettingoverabrokenheart #relationships #facts #God

When was your heart broken? Maybe it was years ago, maybe it was just this week. It really hurts when our hearts are broken, doesn’t it? Even though no one can see it, the pain is great and the wound is bleeding.

If our heart broke once, it would be bad enough. However, in this life, our hearts can be broken again and again. Sometimes it would be just a knick to the heart, where we apply some Band-Aids and the pain leaves quickly. Other times it will be a clear-cut slice right through, the Band-Aids can’t even cover it, so we grieve and perhaps need to seek therapy. This heartbreak takes days and weeks to heal.

A few of us have wounds that never really heal; a scab might form but the tenderness remains. Sore and wounded we carry on, but the healing doesn’t come. Or at least, our heart doesn’t feel strong and healed.

When life throws us circumstances that wound our hearts, we might believe that if we aren’t healed, God doesn’t love us. Isn’t this what we think?

God, why did you let this happen?

Why don’t you make this pain go away, I’ve been asking you to?

When Our Pain Lingers

Our default thinking is: My heart is hurt… and God is the creator, so He can heal me and return my heart whole.

When He doesn’t, we find things to speed up the process, but it ultimately interferes with God’s healing process.

Or we search for things to make the pain less great.

In the meantime, we lose our faith and trust in God.

Our faith growth stalls.

We set up boundaries with God and only involve Him in certain areas of our lives, but keep Him out of the areas that cause us to remember our pain.


my heart is broken

My Heart is Broken and God is Mending it

What we need to remember is: He is mending our hearts. Our expectations of relieving pain might look like a surgery– where we go in asleep and come out fixed (with pain from the procedure) but the original pain is removed.

This type of surgery and the recovery is relatively quick in our fast-paced culture.

God’s heart surgery takes time and patience. He fixes more than just the original pain and He works in other areas related.

How do we mend wounds?

  • Clean the wound if we neglect this part it might become infected.
  • Apply a healing agent.
  • Put on a bandage.
  • Scab forms and then we can remove the bandage.
  • Don’t pick the scab or it won’t heal as fast.
  • The wound continues to heal and we’re careful not to re-injure the site.

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How We Let God Mend our Hearts

  • Seek God and ask Him to forgive us or remove our anger.
  • Pray to God.
  • Find encouragement from our Christian friends.
  • Put up boundaries so we don’t re-injure our wound, meaning stay away from what hurt us if we can.
  • Focus our thoughts on God and good things.
  • Not rush the process, or interrupt it either.
God is the Great Physician and is able to heal us completely, whether now on Earth or He will heal completely in Heaven. #healing #heart #faith Click To Tweet

His healing might not be how we expect it. God is Jehovah Rapha and He will heal us in His own way and fashion.

A Powerful Prayer When My Heart is Broken

Dear Heavenly Father-

Thank you for being there for me. I am in pain, and my heart is wounded. I need your help getting through this. You are the Great Physician, and you can heal me. Please forgive me for my part in this pain and help me forgive the person who hurt me. Help me work through this pain, guide me to set up boundaries and focus my thoughts on you. Give me patience to walk through this process, not rushing it but trusting in you and your way of healing!


24 thoughts on “A Powerful Prayer When My Heart is Broken

  1. It’s definitely hard to forgive during these times. But as we hold onto our anger, we make our hearts even more infected, like you said. It’s so important to learn how to forgive and also accept God’s forgiveness!

  2. Some wounds take years to heal. Your thoughts on “letting our wounds heal” are spot on.

    God can heal our wounds. Sometimes the healing doesn’t look like we’d like it to. Even so, will we trust Him as Ge works in us?

    1. Kathleen- Yes, the healing doesn’t always look like we’d expect. In those times, I pray God opens my eyes to see another form of healing so I don’t miss it!

  3. If not for God’s wonderful love that heals the broken hearted my story would have been different today. I almost became depressed in the early nineties because of unforgiveness.God in his infinite mercy sent help to me and I learnt how to forgive in a hard way. I have learnt what it means to be broken hearted and what it takes to get healed from it.
    The post is touching.

  4. God longs to heal our broken hearts… I’ve struggled in the past to let Him… somehow thinking if I held onto the hurt it would keep me safe. But now – after letting God heal the brokenness – I know Joy!

  5. I love this! It is so hard to repair hurt and damage that have been done to our hearts. Leaving us battled and wounded. Yet, God is making all things right, praise the Lord for that! It may take years to repair a broken-heart, and tear down the defensive walls many of have put in place, yet He is the ultimate Healer! Thanks for these encouraging words.

    1. Lindsey- yes, it takes time, sometimes longer time than we have the patience for. We can trust God because He will heal us completely either here during our earthly life or in Heaven!

  6. I’m so glad you have both things we can do and things we can allow God to do. We are certainly not able to do all of it ourselves but we also need to make sure that we aren’t interfering with God’s healing process as well.

  7. “We set up boundaries with God and only involve Him in certain areas of our lives, but keep Him out of the areas that cause us remember our pain.” The s makes so much sense because we do this with people!

  8. Yes! Good word Julie! I love how you point out, even though we give our hurt and brokenness to God, He heals as He sees fit. His plan for the pain is far different and greater than we could even fathom. <3

  9. This was so good. I had a huge wound happen to me over 7 years ago when my family disowned me for leaving home at 24, which meant they no longer had my entire paycheck. They haven’t spoken to me physically in this entire time. This last summer they refused to meet my babies when my uncle tried to set it up. My father is 94 years old (yes, I’m a young mother, there was a huge age difference). So they know I may never get to see him again.

    The wound was scabbed and ever so slowly healing. I realize how blessed my life is. But last summer the scab got ripped off and it felt like a new wound was added to the old. It’s been another process trying to get past this and continue trying to be the mama I know my babies need. This post reached me to the core and I appreciate your insight. <3 Keep sharing because you never know when your words will be just want someone (like me) needs. <3

    1. Tiffany- I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve endured! I pray God will comfort you and lead you as you heal and focus on what He’s doing in your life!
      Thank you for your sweet words!

  10. These are good…for some reason it’s not something I’ve ever thought to pray about once the situation was “over”. Instead I analyze the hurt and how it affects me today. I should just pray that I can be healed and let it go!

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