Why I’m Lonely and Want an Authentic Friendship

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Inside: If you’re feeling lonely, I urge you to seek out the type of friend you want in your life. Make new friends by being the friend you’re looking for.

Today I’m sharing over at Candidly Christian. If you’ve never checked out this website, you’re missing out! Candidly Christian has so much helpful information to help you navigate life.

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As I stood in front of my dryer, pulling out another heap of clean clothes, I wistfully looked out the window. It was another day of the same chores, PJ Masks and following the demands of my toddler.

Even though I had a list of things to do and a toddler keeping me on my toes, I felt alone. Sure, I could climb into the car and head to the library or the grocery store. My longing was more than being around people, it was a connection on a deeper level with another Christian woman.

Someone who got me, I mean really understood me.

We have a full life, busy to the max and yet we feel lonely. #friendship #friends Click To Tweet

I desire times spent with a friend at my counter sipping coffee and talking. A companion when I have to go to the grocery store, or someone who is available to just physically talk throughout the day.

Maybe I’m looking for a respite from the mundane of life, someone who can share in my struggles and commiserate when I’m questioning my feelings or my faith. Someone to encourage and inspire me to grow in faith.

Why I'm Lonely and Want an Authentic Friendship. If you’re feeling lonely, I urge you to seek out the type of friend you want in your life. Make new friends by being the friend you're looking for. #goals #bestfriends #truefriends #friendship #real


Do you have a friend like this?

Although my husband is one of my best friends, I desire to make a deeper connection with another woman. My husband doesn’t feel what I do and his emotions and makeup are vastly different from mine. Maybe it sounds cliché, but I’m still searching for my best friend forever.

I chuckled when my teenage daughter wanted to give her best friend one-half of a necklace because it seemed so cheesy and juvenile. But what if our greatest longing is to make a connection with someone of the same gender who we can’t live without?

Maybe this sounds so grade schoolish…but deep down, don’t you want a friend like this?

Can you admit, you’re lonely like I am?


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Why I'm Lonely and Want an Authentic Friendship. If you’re feeling lonely, I urge you to seek out the type of friend you want in your life. Make new friends by being the friend you're looking for. #goals #bestfriends #truefriends #friendship #real





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  1. I just love this. I have someone I call my best friend (aside from my husband), but we live nearly an hour apart, and she’s busier than I am, so I see her maybe once a month. I’ve been feeling this exact loneliness you’re talking about, and it can be really hard at times. I’m so thankful for this encouragement, though! 🙂

  2. Julie this post cut me to the core. This has been an area that I have struggled with since I was in middle school. Being super insecure when I was younger I was pretty shy and reserved. I had friends but no real “best friend”. That remained throughout high school. In college I made a couple closer friends but we just didn’t have much in common to sustain the relationships through multiple state moves. I would love for a “bosom buddy” who also was Christian. But then mommy guilt sets in when I think of getting together with this future friend. I already am away full-time for work and I spend a fair number of hours on the blog. I truthfully don’t know how to add in time for a friend. Thankfully my husband is my best friend but I agree, it would be nice to talk to a female sometime! This is an area that I need to pray over more.

    1. Melissa- thank you for sharing! Your story sounds a lot like mine:)
      I’ve started to pray a few months ago for a close, female friend!

  3. I too, struggle in the friendship area. We as women have so many roles it’s hard to juggle everything and sometimes our friendships fall to the wayside and one day we look up and realize we are without any. Thank you for being transparent because this is an area many women struggle with.

  4. I can definitely relate to being a bit lonely! The older I get, the more I long for a life long friend. I think it’s important that the friendship be balanced! Like a marriage, the other is strong when one isn’t. God always fills in the gaps! Thank you for sharing Julie! Wish we lived closer to each other! <3

  5. This is exactly what I have been struggling with and praying about for two years. I am a mama of two Little guys 2 years and 4 months and I find that I am lonely a lot. My “friends” are all super busy with their own lives and don’t have a lot of time and I often wish someone could come over for coffee or lunch. It’s hard sometimes but you reminded me that I’m not the only one who feels this way and I’m sure I will find a “Mom friend” at some point. I hope you find one too. If you are ever in Cleveland Ohio stop by for a cup of coffe and a chat. ????Marisa

  6. I think the old saying goes – “if we want friends, we have to learn to be a friend” – I know I have to learn that

  7. I can absolutely admit this. I even wrote a little about it in a post labeled “Purpose”. I talk about how I just stared out the window at the wind… I needed more. I needed more than the laundry and the chores. I wanted someone to share it with and encourage me. I wanted to do someone else’s laundry to show them love. (I’m an acts of service girl) I wish we lived closer Julie! <3 I'm glad we can be a support to each other over the virtual world… but it's just not the same!

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