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9 Habits of a Healthy Mom

Inside: What are some of the habits of a healthy mom? We all want to be the best mom to our kids. How do we do it? What daily healthy habits can we choose to become the best version of ourselves?     So what makes a healthy mom versus an unhealthy mom? Where do […]

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How to Let Your Child Be Who God Wants Them to Be

Inside: As parents, we have expectations for our kids. What if they choose another path, we can be sure that God has a plan for our kid’s lives. I remember sitting in the guidance counselor’s office and meeting with the counselor as we reviewed my ACT, grades, and other scores from standardized testing and then […]

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How to Become Inspired When You’re a Weary Mom

Inside: Being a mom is hard and we become weary, don’t we?!? We don’t have to struggle with weariness, we can find words of encouragement from the Bible. Learn how to pray Bible verses and seek God to find renewed energy and wisdom to help parent these kids.*Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full […]

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