How to Be Thankful When You Feel so Weary

Inside: Here is the secret of how to be thankful when you feel weary. Even in the midst of hard circumstances, God still extends blessings to me and my family.
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(John 15:11, NLT).

11 I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow!

The season of Thanksgiving was here. And honestly, being thankful was the furthest thing from my mind. I had just been through weeks of struggles.

Kids, family issues and just days of hard things had me weary and wanting to bury myself under the sheets of my bed.

Thanksgiving Day was here, and while I should be feeling thankfulness and appreciation, I felt tired and blah.

Thinking Thankfulness Even When You’re Weary

The family was around me, the table was filled with good food to eat and our roof was keeping out the rain and the cold. Everything on the outside of me was signs of blessings, but everything inside of me was reeling from a place of hurt. The pain was prolonged, and gratitude was hard to muster up.

That day, I smiled my way through the small talk, the meal and mimicked everyone’s festive mindset, but it wasn’t the way I really felt.

How do you choose thankfulness and joy when you’re weary inside?

The honest truth is we are going to have years and seasons where we aren’t feeling the festivities of the holidays. And that is OK.

When we live in a sinful world, we are going to find ourselves in hard times. What we need to remember are these truths!

 4 Truths of God when You Feel Weary and Worn-out:

  1. God is faithful.
  2. He never changes.
  3. Feelings will constantly change.
  4. My feelings will confuse, twist and lie to me. (Satan is all too happy to join in the punching session also).

I don’t know about you, but hearing these truths comforts my heart. My expectations of the Holidays is to have this magical experience and live them out like Hollywood portrays in the movies.

What a let-down when my reality is nowhere near the movie screen version.

After the holiday convenes, I’m left feeling like I missed out or didn’t experience the holiday like everyone else did. Guilt and shame like to make me feel even worse about my lack of enjoyment.

God still Blesses us Even in the Midst of Weariness

Here is where God’s grace comes in. Even in the midst of my feelings and the hard circumstances that might plague me, God still extends blessings to me. The family present, the spread of food on the table and the shelter to keep me warm and protected are huge blessings even if my heart isn’t in the festive mood.

The truth is, tough seasons will continually come here on Earth. We are promised to experience them in the Bible. While the human side of us might feel like we’re missing out, the soul side of us knows that God is using all of this to grow us.

(John 16:33, NLT).

33 I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

Choose to be Thankful When You Feel Weary

These seasons strengthen our faith and cause us to be refined like Jesus. God has pre-filtered out what we will experience and learn in these seasons. He’s making us the best we can be.
It’s easy to practice joy and thankfulness when we are elated at life, but it’s faith-building when we display it in the midst of the mess. Even when our heart doesn’t feel like the festive mood everyone else is in.

Thankfulness is a choice. We have to choose to experience it. It’s a deliberate action on our part. We can practice being grateful even when we don’t feel like it inside.

We find our ability to display these fruits of the Spirit when we are in a daily, intimate connection with our Savior. The close encounter we build will help us traverse the great seasons and the seasons that stink.

We will find a joy for living and a thankfulness that surpasses all the chaos and sinking lows.


How to Be Thankful When You Feel Weary. Here is the secret of how to be thankful when you feel weary. Even in the midst of hard circumstances, God still extends blessings to me and my family. #thankful #weary #discouraged #overwhelmed


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29 thoughts on “How to Be Thankful When You Feel so Weary

  1. When we focus on the good that God has done in the past and in the present, it is easier to be thankful and content, even if our present circumstances are less than ideal.

  2. I love how you said God still uses us even when we’re weary. So often I feel as if I am beyond God using me in the midst of my sin, but that’s a lie from Satan. Thanks for sharing this truth!

  3. These 4 truths are encouraging to me, too. So often I’m reminding my clients (and myself) that emotions are constantly shifting and altering based upon our perception – real or otherwise as well as spiritual attacks. They are not to be trusted. Such a great reminder.

    1. Melissa- I always enjoy when you bring your counseling hat here. I guess I like the confirmation of what I’m learning to what you’ve learned for your clients!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement!! I have seasonal affect disorder. It has already hit me for the year. This was very timely as I’m going into those holidays that are the most difficult for me.

  5. Exhaustion is one powerful enemy of well-being. It is truly a spiritual discipline to get the rest we need. I usually can only bring myself to feel gratitude that ‘this too shall pass’.

    1. Alice- I agree, sometimes the smartest thing to do is rest and recharge. I have to remind myself that often as I like to work till exhaustion.

  6. Oh yes, just this week I was reminded again that feelings change with the wind but only God is steady as a rock. And for this I am thankful! Thanks for sharing this week over at the link up, friend. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Thankfulness is a choice each of us should make otherwise Satan can very well use this opportunity to wear us out. I am so glad that both of us were led by the Spirit to write the same topic this week

  8. Wonderful encouragement! I love what you say about feelings. Thanksgiving really is a choice to trust God in the midst of whatever is going on. Thank you for pointing us to Him and His sufficient grace! He is with us and for us!

  9. It is a choice! And even though it’s hard to choose in a weary season, the blessings are so great. I especially like this line: “We will find a joy for living and a thankfulness that surpasses all the chaos and sinking lows.” Thank you!

  10. Beautifully said. The past few Thanksgivings have been rough around here, so it’s good to be reminded that thankfulness is MY choice. And that choosing to be thankful can spur a whole host of other positives for this time of year. 🙂 Thanks, Julie!

  11. This holiday season will be tough, as my sister-in-law will is no longer with us. But I pray for God to remind each of us of the blessings we do have and celebrate the way my sister-in-law would want us to!

  12. I appreciate these four truths. I think making the choice to focus on thankfulness can reorient us toward God when we are weary. It opens our eyes to his faithfulness and presence in our lives.

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