The Best Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout

Inside: Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be aware when we’re heading down this wrong road so we can turn around and get back into balance.

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The Best Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be aware when we’re heading down this wrong road so we can turn around and get back into balance. #burnout #recovery #emotional #physical #symptoms

Can I be honest? I’m having a hard time balancing it all. Being a wife, mom and blogger leave me juggling ten balls all the time. Often, I feel burned out.

My brain needs to think about writing if football pads are in the washer and when the last time the toddler had a bath all within the same nanosecond.

Living within this rigmarole, makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed more than I should be. Many times the guilt seems heavy because I want to be good at it all.

How about you, are you trying to keep all the balls in the air too?

Balance is something I’m working to find instead of getting closer and closer to burnout, especially when it comes to blogging. I’m trying to learn all I can about blogging and then initiate all I’ve learned right away. I’ve been like a speed train that is quickly going to run out of gas.

Social media makes a huge impact on my ministry because I want my success looking like other bloggers. This added stress of trying to keep up with the Joneses makes it even more likely I’m heading to crash into a heap.

The Best Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be aware when we’re heading down this wrong road so we can turn around and get back into balance.

Burnout Meaning

According to, burnout is the physical and mental collapse caused by overwork and stress.
The signs of burnout are exhaustion, cynicism, feelings of lack of achievement and ineffectiveness.

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight but over time. So we need to be aware when we’re heading down this wrong road so we can turn around and get back into balance.

Have you been burned out?

We can tell when we’re unbalanced when our stress levels are on the rise and anxiety increases.

I had originally thought when I began blogging that because I’m doing Kingdom work, God would make it easy for me. What I’ve learned is it’s hard and frustrating work; it seems like everything about it is fighting nail and tooth.

What I forget over and over is that I’m not doing this alone in my strength; God is behind me. He knows who I need to reach, when and how I will do that.

So why am I getting unbalanced striving to work outside of Him?

God gives us people who need to be reached by us and who have hearts pliable to our message. We need to trust He knows what He’s doing instead of trying to make it happen on our own.

Neglecting my other ministries

The top ministries God wants me to serve in are: as a wife and a mother. These ministries should get the most of my attention every day. Sadly, many times I’m not present because my mind is thinking about writing or blogging.

It doesn’t make any sense if I bring others to faith and let those closest to me lose their faith.

The reason I put so much weight on blogging is that I have this internal pressure to be liked, successful and accepted. The more people I have following me, the more significant I feel. Standing behind the walls of my home can feel isolating and pride makes me feel like I’m insignificant.

Finding balance in everything requires spiritual obedience. If God hasn’t called me to it, then why am I trying to find my way into it. He has given me the people and the reach I have for a reason.

When He wants to expand that or decrease it, He will. I need to stay on my journey instead of trying to take over someone else’s.

12 Ways to Beat Blogger Burnout (these apply to other ministries as well)

Seek God daily
• Pray for wisdom and guidance
• Practice self-care
• Do things outside of blogging
• Step away from your computer
• Find non-blogger friends
• Rally together supporters for your ministry
• Make a daily schedule and stick to it
• Rules for social media/ networking
• Give yourself grace when you need a break or time off
• Perspective change- don’t think about who you aren’t reaching, but who you are
• Who holds the barometer of success?

The key in ministry is not a number of people who are following you, or the money you make or the comments you get, but rather are you being obedient to what God is calling you to do. We can find balance when we first seek Him out daily, ask Him to direct our daily path and trust that He is guiding us.

We need only to juggle the balls God is telling us to juggle.

Beware of any work for God that causes or allows you to avoid concentrating on Him. A great number of Christian workers worship their work. The only concern of Christian workers should be their concentration on God. This will mean that all the other boundaries of life, whether they are mental, moral, or spiritual limits, are completely free with the freedom God gives His child; that is, a worshiping child, not a wayward one. A worker who lacks this serious controlling emphasis of concentration on God is apt to become overly burdened by his work. He is a slave to his own limits, having no freedom of his body, mind, or spirit. Consequently, he becomes burned out and defeated. There is no freedom and no delight in life at all. His nerves, mind, and heart are so overwhelmed that God’s blessing cannot rest on him.
~Oswald Chambers

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The Best Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be aware when we’re heading down this wrong road so we can turn around and get back into balance.

24 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout

  1. Smart points, Julie! And I so appreciate Oswald Chamber’s quote. Susie Larson in “Your Sacred Yes” also points out that it shouldn’t surprise that we feel weighed down when we’re carrying things God never asked us to- especially without His help! I think in blogging in particular we add a lot of “shoulds” to our loads that aren’t in response to God, but to, as you point out, the demands of “success.” For me, that’s a filter question I ask about ministry and opportunities- is it in response to God? Or to something else?” Don’t know if that makes sense outside my heart! Thank you for this wisdom!

  2. This could not have come across my path and a more appropriate time! I have been struggling as of late. Thank you so much for the tips and the reminders.

    God Bless!

  3. Good post – August always brings with it “blogger’s burnout” for me. I keep doing the next thing and (usually) it goes away as the calendar turns! Neighbors at Anita’s today.

  4. Love, love, love this, my friend! So many bloggers can relate to these thoughts, feelings, and insecurities. It’s a battle, for sure.

    I have so much to talk to you about but it will need to wait until I’m on vacation next week. Complete visions are a good thing. 🙂 And btw, you fixed it. It works great now.

  5. Yes! This spoke to me. I am trying to figure out how to balance being a wife, mom, cleaning, and cooking with blogging. There is no time clock with blogging so I’m trying to figure out when to stop. I feel like there is always something more I could be doing as a blogger, mom, and wife. Plus, my husband is feeling stressed, and I am trying to find extra income so that I can help him. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Lacy- it’s a real struggle trying to balance it all. I hope you find a way to do it all without stressing yourself out. Remember rest is important also!

  6. Thank you for the list and the reminder that God should be first in all of this. I realized with blogging that I was not journaling as much anymore and had to stop last week and pray on my priorities. Journaling and praying have been my lifeline and I surely do not want to lose this amazing gift God has shared with me.

    Love it! Desiree

  7. I have allowed myself to be burned out this week- mom to my energetic triplets, cooking 2 meals every day, allowing past wounds to reappear, and blogging.

    So ,today like you said I am going to give myself grace, and take a time of rest

    Visiting you from by His grace bloggers,
    So glad I got to come back and comment here as well


  8. I love this post. I find myself coming close to a burnout sometimes, and that’s when I have to take a step back. I find that creating boundaries especially with work that isnt on a 9-5 schedule is very important!

    1. Karen- I agree…I’ve been trying out a schedule to see how well it works. With a young one at home, it isn’t too concrete 🙂

  9. Oh Julie you write this right when I am having to pull away again from the hustle that I sometimes I find myself in. Thank you!! This is what every blogger needs to remember!

    1. Meg- I’ve been trying to pull back a little and enjoy my last year with a child at home full time. Finding balance is the key 🙂

  10. You have exactly written the feelings of my heart! As a new blogger, I really get burned out trying to keep up with others. This post was much needed for me. Thanks Julie for sharing! Many blessings to you

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