Why the Phrase Trust Me for 2022 is Going to Be Difficult

Inside: Do you struggle with trust? Here are a few tips and nuggets of wisdom to increase it!! My phrase for 2022 is: trust me.

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How trusting are you? Have you ever done a trust fall?

When I was in 7th grade, I went to summer camp and we had to do a trust fall.

This is where you stand with others behind you and you fall backward and they catch you. You trust that those behind you have you and you fall with your eyes closed.

Actually, I don’t think I even was able to do it. If I did, I probably took a step back just in case.

If you’ve followed along with my blog for any length of time, you might remember that I’ve struggled with trust.

A few things have happened in my past which have left me struggling to trust.

As I was praying over a word or phrase for the new year, the words “trust me” kept popping up over and over again.

Oh great! (tongue in cheek:>0)

God Knows Where We Struggle in Obedience

Trust is something earned, and in our culture trust can be hard to come by.

We read about broken marriages, broken homes, and relationship problems happening all the time.

Additionally, we can’t always trust what leaders tell us.

Here’s another rabbit hole if you’re looking for one! We can’t trust the validity of ingredients in products or if companies are truthfully disclosing to us what is exactly in their products.

Once confidence is lost, it’s a process to be able to commit to that person/company again. If someone or something fails in what they promised us, we might find ourselves questioning their truthfulness.

Even though trust seems to be hard to come by, there is one person we can trust. Someone who is steadfast and loyal and always keeps His Word.

Tell me who that person is! Ok, I can’t hear you but say the name out loud!

Have you ever noticed that what you struggle with is oftentimes what God wants you to work on?

Goodness, it’s so hard to work on what we struggle with..ugh!

It seems in my life anyway, I have these reoccurring themes. Almost like repeating lessons in a slightly different format but the gist of what I need to learn is always the same.

One day, I will get the lesson right I hope! Of course, I will when I’m in heaven. Lol!

What about you, what lesson on repeat has God been wanting you to learn?

Finding Truth in God’s Word

When I feel like I’m just not getting it, I like to turn to the Bible. There is a validation from reading the pages of God’s Word, that settles my spirit.

The people (sinful like me) in the past dealt with the same feelings and problems that I do.

I feel like the Israelites always get a bad rap, but then I can place myself right in their ranks.

They witnessed God and the prophets more directly than we do and yet, they screwed up. (to read some excerpts about the Israelites)

There is hope for me! (wink wink)

How many times did God tell them to commit to Him? 

After the Exodus from Egypt, the Israelites kept questioning God and actually wanted to return to their lives of slavery over the uncertainty of the wilderness. Say what?!? Going back to slavery or relying on God….almost seems silly.

The Israelites even witnessed the plagues, the Red Sea parting, freshwater out of rocks, etc., and yet they didn’t have trust in God bringing them through.

Yep, I would have fit in perfectly. (I bet you would have too, friend!)

Here’s the punch to the guts, the repeated lesson God keeps sending, it seems easier to just keep getting it wrong. It’s way harder to change ourselves (through God’s help, of course) than to keep up in the cycle of failing,

Am I right or am I right?

(Here’s my story about anxiety. Even though that season stunk, it was way easier to be anxious than to change and redirect my thoughts!)

What God is Asking of Me in 2022

Ok, so my phrase for 2022 is: trust me.

The last two years have had me doing more fretting and worrying than I should do when I am a redeemed child of God.

How about you? Are you in the worry-warts club too?

Let me remind myself also, that God is not surprised by anything that has happened.

Our Redeemer is still directing the world and events.

If the pages of the Bible tell us anything, it’s that God is faithful to what HE says to us.

God is bigger than any pandemic. The Creator of the World is bigger than any sickness or plague.

Our Heavenly Father is above the leaders in this world.

Can they do evil? Of course, they can, but God allows what He needs to happen for His purpose.

Will we like everything that happens to us and others in the world?

That’s a big no, but we can’t understand His way or His thoughts.


Trust Me When It Might Not Make Sense

Remember when God asked the Israelites to march around Jericho? (to read this chapter from the Bible)

He told them to march around six times, one time each day for six days. They were supposed to be quiet during the six times, but on the seventh day, they were to yell.

Do you think this sounded like a wartime tactic? Quietly march around a city with thick walls for six days and not say a word. 

I don’t know about you, but after the first day, I would have probably questioned it all.

After day two, definitely would have been shaking my head because the army could do more. What about the weapons and army tactics? 

Here’s the deal, God could have knocked down the walls and made the Israelites triumphant without having to do any of it. But God had a bigger lesson for them all.

God wanted obedience and trust. 

It’s easier to do something than to do nothing and trust God for something.

Obedience and trust go hand in hand.

So as 2022 begins, I am going to be working on trusting God more. Daily that might look like doing what He leads me to do, but other times, resting while He works.

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