Trusting God When Life is Falling Apart
Are you a Christian woman who is looking to trust God more...even when life seems to be falling apart?

Learn to trust God in greater ways and even discover what's been keeping you from trusting Him.

Could something be standing in your way of trusting God?

Our past experiences might be keeping us from putting our confidence in God...because maybe we think He isn't trustworthy.

Are you living in uncertainity?

Are you being disappointed all the time?

In this worksheet, you'll learn what is standing in your way from trusting God:
  • Is your past causing a barrier?
  • Are you afraid to let go?
  • Is pain and emptiness creating a stronghold?

  • How you can trust Him even if you've never been able to trust anyone before.











 Hi, I'm Julie!


My past default reaction to the small messes would be to get angry, huffy and anxiety-ridden. The reaction to the large, overwhelming messes would be to question my faith and get mad at God.


Why God, why me? I don’t understand. I would then through a huge temper tantrum.


Can I admit something? Life sucks sometimes. It’s tough, painful and unrelenting.  Trusting God has my back and will bring it together, isn’t my strong suit.


And yet…


As I’ve trusted over and over again, God is slowly replacing my defaults and deficiencies into strengths and wisdom.


In the toughest of times, God was my anchor, He was stable and reliable.

Join hundreds of other women wanting to grow in confidence and trust in God through the good times and bad.

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