Want to Know Two Ways to Overcome Fear and Doubt? (A Review of Battle Ready)

Inside: The Bible gives us great ways to lessen the anxiety in our lives. We can use God’s anxiety remedies to live a life without anxiety.

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You will never be anyone because no one likes you. You will be all alone.

I heard this voice on repeat the majority of my life, and I believed it with my whole heart. Consequently, the lie has kept me from doing things my heart desired.

These lies carried me off and created intense anxiety for me for almost 6 years.

The scary thing is: my mind has been the biggest battle I’ve had to fight. Sure, for the longest time I put blame on others for my pain, my struggles, and my lot in life.

However, the real truth is: the lies I have believed have kept me in a never-ending battle. I had thought they have kept me safe, but in reality, these lies have stolen my life.

How many times have I shooed God away because He wanted me to do something, but yet the doubts and fears told me I couldn’t?

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What was I Believing?

The honest truth is: my thoughts and fears have kept me from what God wanted me to do. They have told me I’m just this way; there’s no changing my bodily makeup, and I’ll never be any different.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize: my thought patterns and fears have all been rooted in untruth.

The devil has been telling me lies since childhood. He’s ever so swift that they don’t seem like untruths at first, but slowly, the twisting of them takes me farther away from God’s truth.

Some words heard as a child turned into words imprinted and solidified in my heart and mind.

Perhaps I had interpreted the words wrong? Was I able to confirm one hundred percent without a doubt what was said was the truth, or had I heard it wrong?

Could I forgive knowing those who had hurt me were hurting and are imperfect human beings? Was I able to let God mend those areas of pain in my heart?

Regardless, I’ve been fighting a battle for over 40 years, and slowly, my fortitude has been stripped away.

It’s a weary and draining battle when you aren’t prepared or have a game plan.

Figure out what your game plan needs to include: Take the find your Battle-style quiz and create a personalized daily battle plan at www.iambattleready.com

When I picked up Kelly’s book, “Battle Ready;” the lightbulb went off. The armor and battle plan were delivered.

Yes, she got me, and excitedly, my pen never stopped underlining and circling the words in her book.

Kelly’s book “is all about reclaiming, training, and coming alive to the mind of Christ, so you no longer live crippled by doubt, discouragement or defeat.”

It felt like the book was written for me. God has used Kelly’s book to transform my thought patterns.

My Thoughts Shouldn’t Control Me

Gosh, negativity does birth negativity. Just spend some time around a negative person and feel yourself being brought done.

I have spent too much of my life around negative nelly’s.

Somehow, I picked up the words and believed them. I didn’t even think twice about what I was telling myself through these words.

I can’t do it.

How many times has my mind told myself that?!?

The funny thing is: as a child I was gregarious, bold, and brave. What happened to that little girl?

What has happened to you to make you hide behind safe?

Someone told me that it was safer to be aloof, shy, and keep my feelings to myself because if I shared my true feelings, I’d make people mad, and eventually, I’d be all alone.

Enter the perpetuating thought, I need to shove my pain and hurt down deep. I can’t share how I feel; I need to appear self-sufficient all the time.

One the flip side, there is this possibility that people want to see the real and authentic me.

God desires for us to share our feelings and struggles so it bolsters others faith. Showing our weaknesses brings glory to Him. No self-sufficiency but God-dependency.

What God Says About Me is all that Matters

The last few years, I’ve worked through the pain of my past. I debunked this lie even before I read Kelly’s book.

The bottom line is: I choose what I feel. I have the choice to remain in pain and stay stuck, or I can choose God’s truth, and His promises to transform me.

When I ask God to come into my pain, mend my heart and help me work through it, there’s freedom. I forgave those who hurt me, not because they deserved it, but because I would never find freedom pointing fingers.

None of this happened apart from God, and none of it happened in an eye blink. With time, patience, and prayer, God worked in the deepest recesses of my heart.

How to Overcome Fear and Doubt

We will never find the freedom we desire until we ask God into all the pain, discouragement, doubts, and fears in our lives.

Our hearts need to grasp the truth of the Lord in order to find victory in all of our battles.

To become battle ready means to let God have our whole being.

With God, we can find the victory our minds crave.

Kelly’s book has reassured me that I’m not the only one struggling with my thought patterns. The mind is a huge battleground keeping many of us on the battle field fighting for our lives.

When we start to depend on God and embrace His truths, we can leave the lies we’ve believed for so long behind. 

Do you want to live victoriously?

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  1. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to get Kelly’s book since it was released, but with my Fall courses starting back up I don’t want it to sit and end up forgotten about. I do really need this though. God has led me on an extraordinary journey and yet, I sit here full of doubt that I should even be going forward.

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