Why We Can Trust in the Lord: 5 Ways to Do It

Inside: How about if we trust in the Lord and didn’t think of a Plan B. What if we put our stake in the ground and told ourselves there isn’t another way. God is the answer, the only answer.
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Have you ever had a friend that you shared confidential information to only realize later that this friend had broken your trust?

Maybe the friend accidentally let the information pass from their lips, or perhaps they shared it purposefully.

Regardless of how it happened, trust was broken.

Trust is something we hold as important.

The reason we have secrets is that not everyone is trustworthy.

Do you have a hard time trusting God?

If we’ve experienced pain from someone who has broken out trust, we might find it hard to trust anyone, even God.

So instead of trusting God, we feel like we’re alone here in this life. We have to figure out everything.

Some of us might say we trust God, but then have a Plan B or C or even D. #completetrust #Godisfaithful Click To Tweet

Adam and Eve thought they needed another way. Satan provoked them to believe that God’s way wasn’t the best so they ate the fruit. Looks like their plan wasn’t as good as God’s.

How do we trust when life is hard?

A popular Christian meme is “don’t worry, just trust in God.” How does trust work when our child is dying from cancer, our marriage is on the rocks, or when a shooter shows up at our neighborhood school and kills kids.

In these moments, to rely on and believe in someone is even harder to do because all these circumstances point to hopeless. We might think we can come up with a better alternative, a better plan.

What is your plan B? I’m asking because I know I’ve tried coming up with alternatives if God doesn’t come through.

How about if we didn’t come up with another way. What if we put our stakes in the ground and told ourselves there isn’t another way. God is the answer, the only answer.

God is worthy of our trust regardless of what happens in this life.

We can trust in the Lord. He has us in the palm of his hand.


Jesus’ Example of Trusting in the Lord

Jesus trusted God completely when He was on the cross while He was in the midst of physical and spiritually agony.

Then Jesus shouted, “Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!” And with those words he breathed his last (Luke 23:46, NLT).

Jesus deposited His soul and very life into God for safe-keeping. If the Son of the Creator was confident in doing this, how can’t we? #trust #faith Click To Tweet

Jesus was able to take on the nature of a man because He could count on God coming through for Him. Jesus could be faithful and take on the cross knowing He was being obedient to God’s will (Philippians 2:6-11).

5 Reasons God is Trustworthy:

  1. Who does the Bible say He is? Look through the pages of the Bible and be reminded of the character of God. He is faithful and keeps all His promises.
  2. God is eternal. He sees the whole picture, from the beginning of time till the end of time. He sees it all.
  3. God is in complete control. Our circumstances aren’t a surprise to Him, He saw them at the beginning of time.
  4. God already has your problem solved.
  5. These hard times seem like a lot of pain and suffering, but God is using these seasons for our growth and greater dependence on Him.

Trust doesn’t happen through casual contact, but as intimacy grows so does trust. There needs to be a relationship with God in order to develop this trust.

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What happens when we trust God completely?

  • We win our battles (1 Chronicles 5:20).
  • He helps us (Psalm 28:7).
  • He will remove all our pain and tears someday (Isaiah 25:8-9).
  • He will fill us with confident hope and joy (Romans 15:13).

Why We Can Trust in the Lord: 5 Ways to Do It. How about if we trust in the Lord and didn’t think of a Plan B. What if we put our stake in the ground and told ourselves there isn’t another way. God is the answer, the only answer. #trustintheLordinhardtimes #inspiration #Biblejournaling #BibleversesIf you’re ready like I am to learn more about how God has been faithful throughout the pages of the Bible, we can journal through the Bible to focus on God’s stability and faithfulness. My friend, Sarah, has put together an awesome resource for doing just this.

I’m not very creative on my limited amount of time, so Sarah has provided the creativity through doodles and margin strips. She’s provided a reading plan and Bible verse cards to help too.

Grow with me as we learn to trust God completely no matter what is going on in our lives. God is faithful and trustworthy.
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  1. Looking around at our world can seem hopeless but I’m reminded that the pain is based off of evil and man’s free will. Not God. It has been foretold that our world would become more and more negative and evil. But God is ever constant and faithful.

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