A Powerful Prayer for Protection from Evil

Inside: Do you believe in the Evil one? Do you know that he is real and active? Learn what to do when evil descends upon us and tips to overcome! Prayer of protection in this post!

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Have you ever felt like evil was descending upon you?

I know it’s probably just an old wive’s tale, but someone once told me that problems come in threes. When we’re struggling doesn’t it seem like problems keep coming?

So, we try and be resolute and steadfast in the faith, but we start to question what the heck is going on?

Reality tells us that we shouldn’t have to deal with all of this stuff (or maybe it’s just me that thinks this way.)

My current modus operandi:

  • Try and solve all the problems myself.
  • Have a plan B, or C, or even D
  • Get frustrated when problems remain

You’re on a Hit List

The fact is that as Christians, we are on a hit list. Oh, friend, how I wish this wasn’t true!

The reason is Satan is still running rampant in this world.

Unfortunately, we all are pegged, and the evil one’s desire and greatest hope is to knock us out so that we can’t fulfill our purpose here.

Have you felt his attacks?

None of us are new to Satan, he’s been watching our every move since we were born.

In all honesty, he knows what we’ve been through, what painful events have wounded us, and the people who have caused us the most harm.

Satan knows our weaknesses and the wounds that we try and hide.

The reality is: he knows us better than we know ourselves.

Because he knows all he does, he can discourage us and hit us with his best shot.

The sad truth is many times he can bring us down and get us good.

When We Feel Stuck

A few years ago, health problems hit big time. My body seemed to have a mind of its own, and I was dizzy, nauseous, and so very tired that is caused me to have anxiety traveling outside of my home.

I’d be hit with crippling fatigue and needed to lay down, and since there was no rhyme or reason, I didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere by myself.

Therefore, I stopped going to church and to Bible Study; I took a break from writing and wasn’t as consistently being in the Word.

Slowly everything seemed hard, and I was discouraged.

During this time, Satan reminded me of the wounds I had from childhood, my greatest fears, and a great focus on what was missing from my life.

All of a sudden, I was led to believe:

  • God wasn’t good.
  • My Heavenly Father didn’t care for me.
  • I couldn’t have good health.
  • My life would never get better.

I let him snare me because I didn’t utilize God’s word as I should have. I wish I had this prayer of protection against evil to use!

Recognizing Satan’s Ploys

The greatest thing we can do as Christians is to be vigilant of the evil one’s ploys. (click to tweet)

The truth is: he’s the father of lies and is looking for people to devour.

Actually, He discourages, causes despair, and condemns us.

Satan wants us to isolate, drawback, and stop believing life can be any different for us.

We might be able to look back on our lives and spot these moments when we were being attacked by him, but when going through hard times, we might miss it and be convinced of his lies.

Attacking the Weak and Lonely

For instance, as a wolf attacks the weak and sick in the herd, the evil one does the same to us.

He prowls around looking for someone who is struggling, maybe feeling down, or not in good health and WHAM!

Satan might start slow and hit us softly with little lies, but eventually, he pulls out all his weaponry.

The truth is: he wants us annihilated. Stopped. Bitter. Walking Away from God.

Call to Action

Satan is on a ticking time clock. His final demise is coming, so he doesn’t play fair; he is fierce and wily.

The evil one knows that he will be cast into hell for eternity so right now he is playing to hurt God all that he can by trying to take away God’s chosen ones.

It might sound like we have no way to defend ourselves, but God has given us everything we need to fight Satan.(click to tweet)

Just because God has given us the tools doesn’t mean we can sit by and do nothing. In order to fight against evil in this world, we have to choose to fight.

God is bigger than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). Even though evil might descend, God is victorious and the winner.

3 Tips to Fight the Good Fight

  1. Consistently get into the Word of God. God gives us the armor to fight against all strategies of the devil (Eph 6:11-17)
  2. Learn the tools and weapons of fighting evil through God’s word. God lets us use His mighty weapons (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)
  3. Pray a prayer of protection against evil.

Prayer for Protection against Evil

Thank you for giving me the weapons to fit evil in this world. Alert me when evil descends, prick me to see it for what it is. Humble me before you so that I can call upon you to help me instead of trying to fight evil with my own willpower. Let me embrace that You are faithful and that You will strengthen and guard me against the evil one. Help me remember this fight isn’t me alone fighting, but my brothers and sisters around the world are fighting evil, too. Remind me again and again that You already have the victory and the evil one and his friends will be banished to hell forever soon! Thank you for giving us victory over sin and death! Amen!

Click on the Prayer for Protection Against Evil to download!

Do you believe in the Evil one? Do you know that he is real and active? Learn what to do when evil descends upon us and tips to overcome! #prayerforprotection #againstevil #truths #enemies #families #ofhome #bibleverses

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  1. Powerful truths in this blog. We need to remember that the Devil prowls around looking for that lone sheep, so stay amongst the flock! We need to be connected to other Christians, too, in order to navigate these absurd times. And yes, read the Word, pray and pray some more!

  2. This prayer is so good Julie. And the tips. You have touched on some very real truths that sometimes we forget especially in our busy schedules. As Christians we need to keep plugged into the Source of power.

  3. A good reminder that the invisible and unseen evil one is hard at work. God’s Word and our confidence in Christ alone keeps us solidly firm and protected. We learn from the book of Job that Satan can only do what the Lord permits, and we know from Romans 8:28-39 that God will use even those attacks for our good. Prayer and reliance in faith upon Christ Jesus are our weapons. God is all powerful, and the evil one’s days are limited.

  4. Julie, thank you for this powerful post! Yes, we need to understand the truth of God’s Word including that Satan is more powerful than we are. Jesus is stronger still, but this is spiritual warfare and nothing less. I appreciate how you are honest about all of this and point us back to the Bible to anchor our souls. Bless you!

  5. Wow, thank you for this! It’s true, the devil does have a target against Christians God is so good to give us weapons that we can use against him.

  6. I agree: “as Christians, we are on a hit list.” I have felt his attacks. Praises that Jesus is stronger than any of the enemy’s schemes. Thank you for this excellent post!

  7. Amen. “Satan wants us to isolate, draw back, and stop believing life can be any different for us.” We have to recognize his tactics so that we can fight back and win. Thank you for your bold words.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I’m currently in a battle and I’ve been fighting it just like you said, through the Word and prayer. When fear wants to overwhelm me, I again run to God and take Him at His Word. This post reminded me that I’m not alone and I’m in God’s hands. There is no better place to be.

  9. Such a good reminder that we are in a constant battle against satan, but that the battle is not ours. Powerful prayer. Thank you!

  10. Satan is very real and he does, indeed, attack us when we are isolated, weak, and hurting. He wants us to not be in the word, in prayer or with other believers. By this, we become easy prey for him to discourage and take us away from God. It can be quite a battle.

    Thank you for sharing the tips we can use to fight the good fight against evil.

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