The Best Lesson in Grace: Raising Boys and Dirty Socks

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Inside: Just like my boys, I mess up daily and yet God sends blessings to me. Raising boys is teaching me the best lessons of God’s grace to me.

Today I get the joy of sharing at Graceful Abandon. The posts here are full of wisdom and there’s bound to be a little for everyone here. Thank you for the opportunity to share at your site, Lisa!

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On the baseball bedroom rug, mud-splattered pants and crusty socks were laying.   From the bathroom, bath towels and Lego men were escaping. Wood shavings littered not only near the hamster cages but trickled down the bookcase onto the boy’s bedroom floor.

I didn’t even start to describe the mess left behind in the rest of the house from my four boys.

For these reasons, my wild boys keep me on my toes and make sure my washing machine is never off for too long. Most days I take it in stride, but some days I wish they could see the disarray they leave behind.

Why does it seem like they have tunnel vision and messes are way out of their periphery?

The World of Raising Boys

Can I admit, the fact that God has blessed me with four boys is a thrilling and exhaustive adventure considering I’m from a family of girls? For the most part, Barbie’s, playhouse and dolls were a staple in my childhood.

Almost every day I can find myself questioning what I’m doing in regards to raising four boys. I don’t know anything about boys and how to raise gentlemen!

Boys have a different level of intensity and this quiet momma finds herself getting frustrated and quick to lose my patience often.

What is it with the physical touching and wrestling anyway?

Or the questions about personal belongings. I have no idea where your basketball headband went?!?

The Best Lesson in Grace: Raising Boys and Dirty Socks. Just like my boys, I mess up daily and yet God sends blessings to me. Raising boys is teaching me the best lessons of God's grace to me. #Christian #tobeagentlemen #tobemen #challenges


The hardest part for me is the lack of thanks and appreciation my boys give to me. Maybe it has to do with maturity and as they grow it will be said and gestured more, but right now it’s absent.

They seem oblivious to what I do for them and if I ask them what I do when they are at school, they think I sit around and watch t.v. and play video games all while the freshly folded clothes are sitting on their beds.
Or their dinner is cooking on the stove… it’s frustrating to be unappreciated!

The Meaning of Grace

If I look at their actions and help around the house, they don’t deserve the things they receive. However, the gifts and the provisions I give them is because they are my kids. These four, crazy boys bless me daily even amidst the dirt, roughness, and grime.

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  1. Oh my goodness, so true! My second child is a boy – I love him to death, but oh does he try my patience and bring me to my knees. It is humbling and wonderful and frustrating all at the same time! Boys are so different from girls, but I am so thankful for that! Equally created in God’s image but mind-boggling to understand sometimes 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing these lessons about grace, Julie! And for reminding me that frustrations are gifts of grace. Because being a mom definitely leads to frustrations from time to time…

  3. Me too! Three boys ages 13, 11 and 3. And yes there is a certain level of expectation…and I need more gratitude. Sometimes I ask their daddy to remind them, and then I get a slew of hugs. <3

  4. This is such a great reminder when feeling frustrated and under appreciated with our kids. How often am I treating God that way? Thanks for sharing Julie!

    1. Melissa- I admit that I haven’t treated God very good so writing these posts and thinking about myself through my kids is eye-opening!

  5. Boy, can I relate to this post! Kids can sure work your patience but I too am learning to praise God for the mess because somewhere someone wishes they had a mess to complain about. Thank you for posting! 🙂

    1. Christina- I think that is a key point to remember: there’s someone out there who would love to be in our situation. What a reminder to not complain!:)

  6. This title definitely grabbed my attention. I’m a mom of only boys…I don’t need to say how often I lose my patience. (We are in the same boat, you and I) My favorite of your lessons learned is #3: “Grace isn’t based on who I am”. Yes, I get frustrated, yell, say things I don’t mean. But God showers His mercy on me anyway. My boys still love me even when I’m frustrated. I love how you bring this around to needing God. Needing God to remind us of the uniqueness of our children. Needing God to help calm and comfort. Your post definitely speaks to my heart, and helps remind me to shower grace in the midst of the mess. <3

  7. I’m about to have another boy, so I’m waiting for all this to unfold at my house! But thankfully, God has blessed me with a brother and the knowledge that comes with being the only woman in my unit when I was in the military, so I’m not completely oblivious to the oddity and grossness of boys. However, I’m sure I will get so frustrated by their lack of appreciation and their constant rough-housing. I’ll have to link up with you for moral support when I’ve reached that breaking point lol;)

    1. Jess- I guess I missed you’re expecting again! Congratulations! My boys have taught me and have grown me in all good ways. Molding and hammering away all my rough edges 😉

  8. “I’m going to blow it, my boys will blow it but that’s where grace enters.“ that’s just what I needed to hear right about now. Life with three boys is crazy and hard for me, but praise God for Grace.

    1. Sue- Grace is such a gift we take for granted, isn’t it?!? If we realized the depth of this gift, I think we would all live with a little more love, kindness and compassion.

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