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Inside: Is stress affecting your life? Do you feel powerless with the situation happening in the world? Here are some tips and advice to help you when you don’t know what to do!

*Disclosure: Post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

Inside: Want to feel better? Are you sick of feeling sick and tired? Change your health one product at a time. Take these baby steps!

What should I do?

What can I do?

Have you felt this way recently?

I know I have.

The world feels topsy-turvy lately, right?!  I don’t know what to do, seems to be my default feeling right now!

I’ve been upset and frustrated!

Living in a rural, sparsely populated area, I feel like I can really do anything that will make a difference.

Here’s one thing I’m sure of: We are all feeling stress and tension!

Feeling powerless and uncertain is stressful!

But I also have a list of things that you can do to give you back a feeling of purpose and power!

The Effects of Stress

I was wondering why I was becoming irritable, feeling blah, and had to question myself for the way I was feeling!

Then I remembered that it was O.K. to feel like this right now.

The world as we have known it, or as I have known since I was born has become unstable, uncertain, and unsure.

Did you know that 75-90% of all doctor’s appointments deal with some kind of stress bringing in the patient?

I wonder how much that has increased in the last 14 weeks. The number is probably even greater!

Stress that isn’t dealt with can have far-reaching and detrimental effects to our bodies.

Can I share my story with you? Check out my video 

In a nutshell, my problems can all be tied back to stress.

Had I known the importance of resting and taking a few mintues for myself versus being Super Mom 24/7, I might have stopped some of my problems in the tracks.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

I’ve mentioned in a previous post, that struggles are the breeding ground for growth, so I won’t go into it, but hear me out and then visit that post, I believe we all can grow through the last few weeks.

 I pray that God would help me learn what I need to so that fruit can grow and mature.

What a waste all the last few weeks are if nothing about me changed! Grow me, God grow me!

I wanted to write this post with a two-fold purpose. What we can do from a Biblcial standpoint and what we can do in a physical standpoint. They are interwoven together, but I think it’s helpful when we can see examples from the Bible and then also use some suggestions for today what we can do to help our bodies handle the uncertainity of life.

First Things First

 I want to point out, God is not surprised of the times. He wasn’t shocked about the pandemic or the riots or the discension happening in our nation or world.

God saw it coming and He is still on the throne seated in full power!

We can find numerous examples from His word of people put in uncertain times and yet God was with them!

  • Daniel wouldn’t pray to God of the Babylonian nation and was thrown in the lion’s den. 
  • Jonah was eaten by a great big fish.
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went into the fiery furnance that was 7 times hotter than usual. (want to learn more about them?)
  • Saul turned Paul was blinded and wasn’t sure if he’d get his sight back.
  • The adulterous woman wasn’t sure if she would be stoned.

This was just the examples I could quickly pull off the top of my head. Each of these people faced uncertainity, and they were powerless in the sitaution and needed to trust God.

And while it isn’t always recorded, God changed their lives.

The pain and stress was the place for life-transforming growth!

What You Can Do

Wisdom from the Word

One of the biggest ways we can help our world right now is to pray for it!

We can storm heaven with prayers to give our leaders’ wisdom! 

Asking God to help everyone on the front lines lead with grace and love!

As Christians, we can show gratitude for those who serve and thank them to their face!

When we feel stress mounting, we can get in the Word and review the words of our Lord.

The truth is: It’s not our fight to fight, God has already given us victory when we accept Him as Lord of our lives, so we need to allow Him to do His work around us and in us!

We can pray for boldness for ourselves and other Christians to share the Gospel.

As the sitation evolves in our nation, we can ask for the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and grow the fruit of love for our neighbor, compassion, and grace to be extended to those around us.

But the foundational key is: Evil is manifesting itself in great big ways lately! We know it was coming according to His Word!

It shouldn’t be that big of surprise, and yet, so many I talk to are feeling defeated and frustrated!

When I went back to God’s word, He made it clear that this is His battle. Prayer is the biggest weapon I can yield at this time!

I need to trust and have faith!

(Exodus 14:14, NIV)
 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

To learn more about God’s promises to us: read this article!

Physically things to do to help with stress

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat a whole foods diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Get outside in nature!

Did you know that stress has bad effects on our bodies?

Stress can cause physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, back pain, irritablity, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, etc.

Long-term stress can cause issues with our hormones and prevent our bodies from not working the way they should!

I spent years trying to feel better by going from doctor to doctor. Unfortunately, I was given handful of pills but I never felt better. (I wish health care providers would give us more help on managing stress and explaining how to lessen it in our lives!)

I also tried supplements and other products, but didn’t have much luck!

Here’s a link to a video of one product I have great luck with!

God Uses it All So Instead of Stressing 

Ok, friend, I’m going to sweet boss you and I (because I need to be better about this!)
If God can use it all, loves us, and is in control of everything… why do we allow oursleves to get knotted up in a tense ball?

We have the God of Creation on our side, and you think what is going on is too hard?

He’s gone through everything in the past that seemed way worse!

So I’m encouraging us to keep trusting Him.

When we start to feel the stress mounting, let’s first turn to Him and His word and then try some of the stress relieiving products I’ve mentioned.

God has us!

And He doesn’t want us living in stress and allowing it to harm our bodies!

Faith is not hoping that God can. It is knowing that He will! ~TobyMac