A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer)

Inside: A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer) Are you put on the spot to give a Thanksgiving prayer before the meal? Here is a printable prayer for you to share this Thanksgiving.

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A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer) Are you put on the spot and need a prayer for your Thanksgiving meal? #traditions #happy #party #writing #decorations

Does it happen to you like this?

Everyone is waiting to get their food or sitting around the table at Thanksgiving, and someone suggests a prayer before eating. Somehow, God chooses you because He knows you can share Him with the familiar faces around the table.

Do you fumble like me, and then regret not saying the most poignant prayer?

Right there was the moment to shine for God…and you blow it. Maybe you resort to “God is great, God is good, thank you for the food.” While this isn’t a wrong prayer per se, might you want to inspire your audience with some thought put into the prayer?

It’s Thanksgiving, so the prayer needs to be really good (or is it just me that feels this pressure?)

Now I understand that God knows what’s in our hearts, but this is an opportunity to witness faith and thankfulness to our Father in Heaven. This year I  am prepared and thought I would share a Thanksgiving prayer in printable form as my thankfulness to you, my reader.

A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer) Are you put on the spot and need a prayer for your Thanksgiving meal? #traditions #happy #party #writing #decorations


Thanksgiving Prayer

I praise you for your wisdom and understanding of my needs! You are so good to us! We can’t even wrap my head around all the blessings you give us. Many of the blessings you send us, we don’t even realize nor appreciate. Today, on Thanksgiving, we want to say a few extra thank yous.

I want to ask you to bless the world in which we live God, please help us do our part in sharing your Word so souls would be gathered for you. As our nation experiences evil, I pray you would shine ever brightly to those without hope. The world needs you!
I pray for the missionaries and field workers.

Bless the country we live in. Let there be peace and love.

Bless the church, the group of believers around the world, but also the physical building where we belong. Give us passion and drive to spread your Word. Let us live in a way that shares your love, rather than gives you a bad name. Lead my pastor and other church workers. Keep them safe from the attacks of Satan upon them.

Bless our friends and acquaintances.

Bless and keep our family safe. Let our hearts find you first because when you are a prized possession, all our close relationships seem to work better. Help us love and cherish each other. Help us grow in faith together.

We are truly blessed,

Your children, Amen!


A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer) Are you put on the spot and need a prayer for your Thanksgiving meal?


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31 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer)

  1. Yes, I have fumbled words many a time too. Beautiful prayer, Julie. I am thankful God uses us flawed humans as homes to carry His spirit to others, even when we feel like we failed in doing so! When I feel like I dropped the ball, I try to pray and ask God to cover the person or situation, to fill in the gaps. I hope you have such a blessed holiday this year, a bright and beaming season of joy. xoxoxo

    1. Meg- thank you! I am also thankful! Sometimes I don’t think I’m really doing anything to spread His word, but I know that’s just wrong thinking!
      Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. “Let our hearts find you first….” This resonated! Our prayers, our thanks, our requests, our relationships, they are all founded in Him first, or we’d have nothing. Shared today, so thankful to visit from the #RaRaLinkup, Julie 🙂

  3. Yes, the pressure’s on, everyone is starving, the food smells so great, you’ve been working since 5 a.m. on meal prep. — it’s so easy to just make the prayer a formality. Thanks for putting words around the desire and intent of our hearts.
    A blessed celebration to you and your family.

    1. Michele-you got it right! It’s my one chance to share with my unbelieving family members so I needed something!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Why is it that we let the holidays cause so much turmoil? It’s a time when we are supposed to be thankful, yet we all struggle with trying to be perfect. I love your prayer though. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I generally pass of saying the blessing for my husband to do because I become too shy in front of all of my family members. Give me a room full of strangers and I’m good to pray but family is harder because there is more desire to make it all the poignant and heartfelt. This is a beautiful blessing for Thanksgiving! Thank you!

  6. Beautiful prayer for Thanksgiving! I have felt this before – maybe because so many extra people are here for this holiday. Whatever the reason… it is nice to prepare and think through what should be said!

  7. It is never a bad idea to be prepared. This reminds me of my husband’s grandfather. He always prepared his prayer and then printed a copy out for everyone at the table. He would pray it or we would pray it together. He passed away over a year ago and it is such a treasure to have so many of his prayers written out.

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